Komon means "a fine pattern". The komon kimono has a small repeated pattern all over the fabric, and this type of kimono is for casual use or town wear worn with a simple obi, or dressed up to go out with a more formal obi.  It is a kimono worn both by married and unmarried women.


Edo Komon

Edo komon is dense small dots, that together makes a larger pattern, that is still a komon pattern. It can make the kimono look just like a komon kimono, but if you look closely, you can see that the pattern is made of thousands of small dots. Most often though, the dots usually creates a smooth looking surface, looking from a distance. The technique originated with the samurai class in the Edo period. Because of it's single-colured appearance from som distance, it can range as high as an iromuji, or homongi when decorated with kamon.


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