Lovejoy High School Senior Project
The Senior Project is a culminating high school initiative that demonstrates a student's ability to write, speak, acquire and use knowledge, solve problems, and apply a variety of skills, including time management and task analysis.  The senior project is a culminating assessment that demonstrates what students know and can do as they prepare to graduate.  It prepares them for college and/or the workplace and can help them transform their senior year into one that is uniquely challenging and stimulating.  The Senior Project is performance based and adaptable to most topics of interest.  The project requires that students use comprehensive resources as they work through four general phases of the process: writing a research paper that reflects their information acquisition and literacy skills; conducting a rigorous, self-identified project related to the paper with the support of a mentor; developing a portfolio demonstrating and verifying the process they used; and delivering a formal, oral presentation on their findings, conclusions, and recommendations to a panel of adults from the community.   The students have taken classes in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies-too name a few- because these are considered basic by the state of Texas. The Senior Project allows students the opportunity to select a topic that is truly of interest to them, to "design a course" which empowers seniors to use their talents, skills and creativity to demonstrate what they know and showcase their achievement in a final presentation.  The Senior Project is the not the end of learning but the beginning of a life-long process of productive research, meaningful study, and useful actions to meet compelling, problems and needs.