Where the heart is
My philosophy:
1. Smile, because someone needs to see a happy face :)
2. Sing. Music is an outburst of the soul!
When someone asks "what are you?" they usually mean "what do you get paid to do?."  Yet a person is so much more than their job.  My daily job is primarily as a student, but that is only a small part of who I am.   My name is Caity, and I am a creator.  I am a painter, I am a poet, I am a philosopher.  I began this website to help me organize my thoughts while writing college applications, but it has evolved into a much larger enterprise.  On this website I seek to convey a true vision of who I am, why I am, and what I am passionate about. For a brief overview, the three pages you should definitely look at are Happy List, Music, and Writing, because those genres play dominant roles in who I am.  Otherwise, feel free to browse any pages that interest you!

Take your fingers and gently curl them around an idea.  See the indentations they make?  That is conception.  How much is in those fingertips?

I suppose it depends on the size of your hands.  Me, I have tiny hands, though well-proportioned, with rather short, uneven fingernails because I am constantly nibbling them (a physical habit I am trying to overcome).  A primarily academic life has allowed my hands to become soft and pink like a cherub’s palms, however, I maintain one callus on the middle finger of my right hand, from writing so often with a pen pressed against it.

Though I write with my right hand I’m fairly ampedextrous, which contributes to my absolute beffudlement in most matters of coordination, although I manage to be rather graceful on stage (where I spend quite a lot of my time).  Distinguishing “left” from “right” is one of my greatest weaknesses, a dangerous disadvantage once I began driving.  Now, for the first time in my life, I wear a ring on my left hand.  Its a plain silver band with a small amber stone in the center, which sparkles pleasantly.  Somehow I can always remember the ring is on the left, and therefore I am able to differentiate the two.  Funny the way the mind works!

Photo by Alejandro T.

Things I have learned: 

*Running into doors does not endear one to oneself

*Life is full of the mildly extraordinary

*Hugs make people feel better

*Music can stop time

*Long walks are very peaceful

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