a love that's never lost

I'm wide awake from my dreams.

humans are rich, with Animal instincts.

The heat of the Sun, rain's life.

diamonds in the rust breed dust

"faction's" just a fraction of "action"

fact, is a pact with tact.

measure one's success,
not by winning, but courage
to do the right thing.

praying for the day,
when I'm whisked away, to a
place of love and chance

society's dance
is one of romance, fever,
waiting for a cure...

fearful yet painful
is courageous when fearless
when tears produce less

life is like a bud,
constantly unfolding, and
always revealing yet--

dear Christ, you are my
reason for living, that death
is season for sin

we don't know the end
time until it is here, yet
it is God i fear.

even the new moon
sees light on the other side,
God's light's always here

understanding God's
not knowledge, but attitude,
a way of learning

loneliness is all
the other things so close by,
but humanity

of all elements,
time is most detected, but
least of all written

time is on our side,
just as the stars swing the sky,
just souls you and i

reflections of day
sparkle like memories way
back, to the good life...

swinging in swings, back
and forth, in sparkle of day
and night, in our play

The small bird brain sings loud.

life is love entitled
the ways don't matter
the means are to be remembered

in the spirit
awareness out shouts
the loudest tragedy
and brings light
to the darkest

don't look twice, you may see an object as nice
although you are poor in material, you are rich in spiritual

when you 'fall on your knees' for God, you are humble
then you 'fall on your knees' for man, you fumble but not crumble

care whether people like you
dare whether they love, too

good or bad,
happy or sad,
left or right,
run and fight

it's naturally good
to love someone,
by nature,
which grows
in the Son and reign

poems arn't pretty
they're raw, nude, sublime, preachy
but can't look pretty

days come and go
but this day is special;
yes, the sun rose awhile ago
but 'tis today, that I shall...

clearly the light shines
upon willing souls
the heart, when open
accepts with fight
the willing light

live in this moment,
and this moment stays alive
for eternity

I long for the time
when open hearts together
bind one unity

to those that suffer
in light you are right, but fight
on, knowing your light

only the sad know that, care

I am better since a few weeks ago,
thru the elation, dejection,
caring, sharing,
pain and promise.
Thank the Lord for challenge and reward.

this moment lives forever,
however alone,
but ever with other

knowing one's fine is
a testament to caring
and sharing fortune

can one mean one thing
and share something else? such is
a lone, yearning heart

fond times linger onward,
of kindly acts of love,
these memories stay forever,
like a present, peaceful dove.

although persons aren't met,
there's distance within reach,
these memories linger forward,
like an ever-lasting beach.

she, has all heart
i didn't, quite know
happy, her art
glad we made, a show

just when you know she's gone, the cries last the distance.
I despair-- knowing her, I lay in resistance..

a petal is caught
as it drops, reminding me
of favor to rose....

David Weller 

     Although I've been known to sketch an occasional political poem, I've written a variety of both sacred and secular, very short poems on many internet sites since 2004.

      Also, I've been in independent reform politics on the web, since 1998.

     Please see all my sites and social networking at my profile.  God bless.

Copyright 2011 David A Weller