Abbey Wyrick

Standards Chair

Community Service Chair

RA for Hanby

Ashleigh Thornton

Recording Secretary

Has a hamster named "George"

Caiti Francis

Loves riding horses

Emma Shaner

Senior Exec Rep

Worked in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Hannah Wickizer


Professional Clapper

Jenny Shimoloens

Is in love with Justin Bieber

Joelle Marshall

New Member Educator

Co-Greek Week Chair

Has been to 3 out of the 6 worldwide Disney parks

Kayla Riley

Favorite color is orange

Kiana Hernandez

Co-Panhel Rep


Is an EKT Legacy

Marie Ralff


Fashion Chair

Has Orion tattooed on her wrist

Quiara Brogan

Climbed a 500 ft waterfall

Sam Eau Claire

Co-Greek Week Chair

Junior Exec Rep

Is teaching herself Scottish Gaelic

Sarah Smith

Really loves Corgis

Suzy Sharpe

Recruitment Chair

Has a pet turtle names "Speedy Ann"

Abby Smith


Loves Werewolf and Pokemon Go

Audrey Evans

House Manager

Loves to draw and sew letters

Elizabeth De Feo

Named her car "Tobias"

Grace Linsley

Has a very squishy chin

Heather Byers

Vice President

Fundraising Chair

Has 2 dogs who collectively have 3 eyes

Jessica Palagano

Photo Manager

Loves Theater

Julia Petry

Makes a mean hamburger




Kristin Gustafson

Assistant Treasurer

Has a pet Chinchilla named "Sweet Tart"

Marisa Hartt

Gift Chair

Loves Lady Gaga

Rachel Nitchman

Favorite season is winter

Sam Graham

Assistant Recruitment

Obsessed with Red Pandas

Shawnna Vermillion

Sophomore Exec Rep

Big movie buff

Tia Mixell

Co-Panhel Rep

Loves waffles

Annie Mackowick

Public Relations Chair

Fall Out Boy expert

Bethany Dresbach

New Member Mediator

Unofficial "Lit Chair"

Emily Leininger

Hates Socks

Hannah Pohlman

Loves visiting national parks

Ivy Barker

New Member Educator

Really really loves water

Jill McCall

Met Justin Bieber

Katie Osburn

Has been abroad in Africa & Europe

Kenzie Armstrong

Is a very distant cousin of Justin Timberlake

Maria Turner

Played volleyball for 7 years

Morgan Price

All of her tattoos were done outside the US

Sadie DeWitt


Favorite food is pickles

Samantha Stacy

Scholarship Chair

Has no sense of smell

Sophie Addington

Loves the "Rainbow Sponge" video