Active Members

Abbey Wyrick
Vice President
Community Service Chair
Backpacked ~45 to Lake Erie

Annie Mackowick
Favorite color is grey

Audrey Evans
Loves to draw

Caiti Francis
Social Chair
Has done over 12 sports in her life

Emily Kollmann
Gift Chair
Loves her dino costume

Hannah Wickizer
Peformed at Carnegie Hall at the age of 14

Jill McCall Schmidt
Obsessed with pugs

Katie Gibson
Got to be an elephant zoo keeper for a day

Laina Kannenwischer
Sophomore Exec Rep
Has a passion for tap dancing

Maria Turner
Has played volleyball for 7 years

Megan Frazer
Loves to eat ice cream 

Quiara Brogan
Has climbed a 500ft waterfall

Sadie Dewitt
Scholarship Chair
Favorite food is pickles

Sam Graham
Recruitment Chair
Professional nicknamer

Savanah Jordan
Is a licensed cosmetologist

Abby Smith

Loves Werewolf and pokemon go

Arriane Schetter

Senior Exec Rep

Standards Chair

Fluent in sign language

Bethany Dresbach

unofficial "lit" chair

Casey Swick

Co-fashion Chair

Fundraiser Chair

Obsessed with burritos 

Emily Leininger

Public Relations Chair

REALLY loves penguins

Ivy Barker

Standards Board

Has 5 cats

Julia Petry

Loves to go shooting

Kenzie Armstrong

House Manager

Justin Timberlake is a distant relative

Maddie Durbin

Assistant Treasurer

On Otterbein's golf team

Marisa Hartt

New Member Educator

Lady Gaga fanatic

Morgan Lowenkamp

Nationally ranked in jumping rope

Rachel Nitchman

Has made stained glass windows

Saige Picone

Has dual citizenship in the US and Italy

Samantha Stacey

Standards Board

First word was "minnie"

Shania Zeigler

Junior Exec Rep

Co-Panhel Rep

Standards Board

Has climbed to the highest point of the Great Wall

Taylor Rush

Photo Manager

Co-Greek Week Chair

Is an ordained minister

Alex Futo
New Member Mediator 
Co-Panhel Rep
Has two horses; Applejack and Serenity

Ashley Renforth
Loves Winnie the Pooh

Cailee Grzebienik
Standards Board
Favorite food group is tacos

Chelsey Butler
Has a reptile

Felicia Paschal
Assistant Social Chair
Co-fashion Chair
Obsessed with Cole Sprouse

Jessica Palagano
New Member Educator
Loves lighting design

Katelynn Stewart
Proud dog mom

Kristin Gustafson
Has a pet chinchilla

Madie Moore
Loves to travel; has been to Italy and Japan

Marissa Bingham
Stayed in the same hotel at the Jonas Brothers one time

Nataysia Edmonds
Mega Snoopy fan

Rebecca McCarty
Assistant Recruitment Chair
Favorite Princess is Belle

Sam Eau Claire
Co-Greek Week Chair
Is learning Scottish Gaelic

Sarah Short
Pro napper

Shawnna Vermillion
Recording Secretary
Likes to binge watch movies