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Five Guiding Ideals

v Character and Personality: 

Your personality is an expression of your character self that makes your experience of life unique.  It is your distinctive traits of mind and behavior that we respect.  Each of us has a set of values that can be shared with the rest of the group. 


v Fraternalism: 

College friendships are precious.  They are twice as precious when we have sisters with whom to share these friendships with.  These friendships have the chance to last a lifetime.  It is important to keep these bonds strong within EKT as well as with other Greeks. 

v Scholarship: 

We are all in school to gain knowledge through academics.  We are at a wonderful school, so pride in academics lets you enjoy your success and makes you realize your own potential.  A fine standard in academics must be kept at all times. 


v Social Activity: 

Social activity is part of growing and learning.  These activities are opportunities to build friendships, learn about different lifestyles, and to improve upon our human relation skills. 

v Culture: 

Creativity, refinement, and mutual improvement should be constant goals of us all.  We can learn different ways of living, backgrounds, and projected futures here at Otterbein and within our sisters.  Take the chance and opportunity to grow within yourself.