Share the Love of Christ

Share the Love of Christ

Speaker: Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran

Gist: You can bring Lord Jesus Christ into the lives of others by talking about Him and praying for them. Think of all the blessings you have received from His hands. Don't you wish to share those blessings with your brethren?

How can we present Lord Jesus, who is our righteousness, into the lives of others? The Holy Scripture speaks about one of the disciple of Christ Jesus, Philip who preached about Him.

Once, Philip had an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of a country. He talked about Christ to him also (Acts 8:35). St.Paul also preached Christ all the time (Colossians 1:28).

Dear friend, you can bring Jesus Christ into the lives of others by talking about Him and by praying for them. Once some friends told me, "Brother, we brought a drunkard to you. We thought that you would talk to him about the evils of drinking and give him a severe warning that he would go to hell if he continued to drink. But you prayed with him saying, 'Lord Jesus, bless this friend' and you sent him away. What is this?"

A man of God named Peter Roland was given poisoned food nine times. Every time, after eating the poisoned food, he would struggle with severe stomach pain the whole night. But the poison could not kill him. What was the reason? It was because before he ate or drank anything which was given to him, he would say a small prayer saying, "Lord, bless this food. Thank you for blessing it!" So God's blessing made the poison powerless.

When you pray for someone, "Lord, bless this man!", the divine presence of Christ enters him and Jesus blesses him. So whether it be a drink or any other vice, it will naturally flee from him. You can never bring a man to Christ by accusing him of his sins nor can you touch a person by the love of Christ by frightening him.

I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus on February 11, 1955, when He saved me from suicide. I then desired to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Though I prayed for the anointing several years, I did not receive it. One day, I complained of this painfully to a man of God. He took me to the sea-shore to pray with him. He asked me, "Brother, who gave you good health, a good job, a good wife and salvation." I replied him that it was Jesus who gave me all these blessings. He then asked me, "He who gave you all these blessings, will He not give you the Holy Spirit as well? But did you give Him thanks for all these blessings which He has already given you?" I then knelt down and recalled the unchanging love of Lord Jesus, remembering how he saved me, how he answered all my prayers, how he gave me a good job. I then began to thank Him for all His goodness one by one. And there happened a miracle. God opened my spiritual eyes. I saw someone carrying a cross and walking by my side. I saw His wounded body and I recognised Him as Lord Jesus. I realised how much He suffered to bring me into salvation and began to shed tears of gratitude. The very next night, I received the anointing of the Holy Spirit. For three full hours, I saw the Lord Jesus face to face. I thank God for this beloved man of God because he sowed the seed of faith to experience Lord Jesus in my personal life. He sowed righteousness in my life. That is what we also should do. When the Holy Spirit descends on us, we can realise the presence of God in our midst.

Dear friend, are you desirous of receiving the anointment of the Holy Spirit? Do you long for that divine experience? Look up to Christ Jesus. Think of all the blessings you have received from His hands. Begin to praise Him with a grateful heart. As you praise and thank Him, the Holy Spirit will descend on you mightily. You will then become a channel of blessings to everyone around you.


Loving Lord Jesus,

I praise and thank You wholeheartedly for all the goodness that You have done in my life. Cleanse me once again with Your precious blood. Help me to be worthy of Your blessings. Lord, I desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Grant me the grace to preach Your unchanging love and compassion to others and to add more souls to Your ever-expanding kingdom. I make this humble prayer through Christ Jesus, my Lord.


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