The Loveboat Lady (Jeraldine Saunders) 
Welcome to the Loveboat Lady's web site!

The original "Love Boat" cruise director, Jeraldine is known worldwide for her books, lectures and civic activities.  She has published 11 books and has appeared on more than 850 other TV and radio talk shows worldwide.  She serves as national spokesperson for the Hypoglycemia Foundation of America and is affiliated with the American Federation of Astrologers; Poets, Essayists, and Novelists; Film Welfare League; Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; Academy of Television Arts & Science; and the International College of Applied Nutrition. 

Jeraldine also lectures worldwide on astrology, graphology, numerology, palmistry and face-reading.  After a career as a model, Jeraldine took a job lecturing on astrology, motivation and the four-seasons color concept on cruise ships before becoming the industry's first female cruise director.  She turned this decade-long experience into a book, then later parlayed that into a television series, "The Love Boat," currently in syndication in over 110 countries.

Come explore the world with Jeraldine, whose favorite quote is "We tend to move toward that which we dwell upon, so let's dwell well."  That positive attitude has permeated her work and invites readers to look for the best in themselves and around them.

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