Waitrose and Cath Kidston fall into 

the Clapham-trap




PRESS RELEASE - 3rd July 2008


SW11tch Campaign aims to put them properly on the map 


Waitrose and Cath Kidston have both managed to fall into the Clapham-trap and the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign team are working hard to lift them out and welcome them to the delights of Battersea.

Stop Press (3rd July 2008) - Cath Kidston have already responded and SW11tched Back to Battersea (see story >>)



Battersea and Clapham residents have experienced a lot of confusion and misleading news stories have circulated in newspapers and on news webpages following the recent announcement from Waitrose that it has agreed to acquire four sites from Woolworths that will become Waitrose stores in Chiswick, Clapham, Edgware and Islington.

In reality there will be no Waitrose opening up in Clapham - the reason is that the site is on St. John's Road in Battersea SW11. Waitrose is reported to be expecting to attract up to 200,000 new London shoppers as a result of their new stores and to be able to create up to 700 new jobs.

Mark Price, Managing Director of Waitrose is quoted as saying: "We are delighted to add these prime locations to our portfolio of shops, particularly as they are sited in our heartland areas where Londoners have been requesting Waitrose branches for many years".

Tony Belton, co-Chair of the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign, says:

"It is incredible to think that Waitrose must have invested a large amount of time and money into planning these site acquisitions and yet in the case of St. John's Road to have got their geography so completely wrong. They must have done a lot of profiling of the SW11 area to ensure they were placing their store in a location that was well suited to their target shoppers, yet they have managed to mix up St. John's Road, Battersea in the Borough of Wandsworth with Clapham in the Borough of Lambeth!"

As it happens Clapham residents have also been left completely confused - many have thought that their Woolworths store in Clapham High Street was to become a Waitrose. One Clapham news site has a long thread of comments headed "Waitrose in Clapham at last" - it features comments such as:

"I'm not sure that it is a bad or good thing either way for SW4. There isn't a Waitrose in the whole of  Lambeth anyway as we are way too poor for them and that by implication extends to Clapham. Also not sure how the good people of Clapham Junction and the I love Battersea Campaign would react towards the spanner in the wheel thrown in by Waitrose given that so much energy has been spent over the last year to rebrand the area into Battersea and then the uber posh of stores  gets its branding wrong!" 

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Clearly this writer knows more about 'prime locations' than Waitrose's own map readers.

The SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign team have written to Mark Price and others at Waitrose asking them to correct the error and await a response with great anticipation.



The SW11tch team have also written to Cath Kidston who has opened a new store in Northcote Road on the site of the former Natural Cafe. Sharp eyed Battersea residents have spotted that Cath Kidston has given 'Clapham' as the location of their new store.

Again, it seems that all the planning and area profiling a professional company like this does before opening a new shop can still result in it identifying itself in the wrong location to the extent that it is attaching its address to a place that is in a different London Borough.

Philip Beddows of the SW11tch Campaign had this to say:

"We are pleased to welcome a new business to Northcote Road, Battersea's most well known shopping street, but we hope that Cath Kidston will recognise that the value and pride Battersea people have in their brand is as important to them as the Cath Kidston brand is to that company. We hope that they will quickly correct the mistake that they have made and finally be able to let the world know that they have arrived in Battersea. Even if they do not care less about the feelings of Battersea, Cath Kidston must wish to locate their shop correctly - so far they have definitely failed their geography GCSE!"





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