Town Crier for Lavender Hill



Wednesday 18th June 2008


An event of historic and community interest took place at The Taybridge on Lavender Hill, Wednesday 18th June 2008 when a Battersea Girl was chosen during a public contest to be Honourary Town Crier of Lavender Hill for this Sunday’s Lavender Festival. The Leather Bottle in Wandsworth's Garratt Lane may elect its own Mayor of Garratt but The Taybridge on Battersea's Lavender Hill has eclipsed this by electing its very own Lady Town Crier of Lavender Hill. No lesser person than Peter Moore, Official Town Crier of London turned up to help judge the contestants - he is seen above with Battersea's new Town Crier of Lavender Hill.

A great night of entertainment was had by all – entrants were very loud and The Taybridge experienced some the greatest shouts ever heard there, even worse than on soccer nights when England players have missed yet another penalty!

But in the end it was ‘Beverley Alfred’ who stole the show with her tremendous yet delightful Battersea barks……earning the nickname Beverley Alfred the Great Town Crier of Lavender Hill. No male contestant was prepared or able to shout her down enough so Beverley has now been crowned as Honorary Town Crier of Lavender Hill, for the day of the Lavender Festival.


The judges included Emma-Jane Clarke (Miss Lavender Hill herself!), Anthony Laban (to make sure no-one had a bad hair day with all the noise) and the well known Peter Moore, Official Town Crier of London whose voice is as well known as his face and his clothes! Peter put contestants through their paces, auditioned them and did the 'Lord' routine à la Andrew Lloyd Webber and 'Who will be Nancy' - in Lavender Hill it was Who will be our Town Crier.


Once the winner was announced, Peter gave Beverley her script, plus directions of how to project the words and general tips on being a good town crier! It was fun - the whole pub got behind the entrants and clapped after each Oh Yea Oh Yea / God Save the Queen !!


Beverley can be seen below practising her newly learned Town Crier routine on Lavender Hill......with a mystery man ducking out of ear-shot behind the Lavender Festival banner!


Ian Simms, the landlord of The Taybridge, is to be thanked for generously hosting the event. The Anthony Laban Salon provided a special prize for Beverley – a hair cut and beauty treatment……lucky the men didn’t win really…… 

PHOTO BELOW - From left to right in the group shot were:
Espen Dewhurst, Ashton Broadhurst, Peter Moore (Official town crier of London), Beverley Alfred (new Honourary Town Crier of Lavender Hill) and David Long.

Oh Yea Oh Yea...God Save the Queen



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