Major victory for campaign

as ASDA re-launches 

with new Battersea name


PRESS RELEASE - 27th November 2008




ASDA re-launches its Lavender Hill store with a new Battersea name part of the Battersea family !


Since the very start of the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign, in September 2005, the wrongly named ASDA Clapham has been targeted by campaigners. Take a look at the original reports via this link: >>>

Many suggested that the campaign had bitten off more than it could chew in trying to SW11tch WAL*MART, not only the largest retailer in the world, but the largest company in the world. Well no effort is too much and no company is too big in the name of restoring pride in Battersea - Battersea people have always shown themselves to be battlers. 

So now we are delighted to be able to tell the world that the most significant and historic win has been achieved for Battersea - the mighty ASDA has SW11tched Back to Battersea. 

ASDA's own press release, put out today confirms the news that they are to have a formal re-opening ceremony on 1st December 2008 at 10.00am. More news and pictures from this event will be provided on the SW11tch campaign's website next week.

What a great Christmas present for Battersea and its people. What has really made the difference is the understanding and passion for the local community and area shown by the General Store Manager Andrew Holmes, when he first arrived in Battersea. Without him this would not have been possible. He was the first manager of the store to realise the significance of the store's identity in relation to Battersea. For this reason we would like to pay particular tribute to him. We would also like to thank all those residents who have maintained a constant effort that has helped tip the scales in favour of Battersea.

We have added some pictures underneath the press release to remind us just how far we have successfully come. 



27th November


What: ASDA unveils its new name: ASDA Clapham Junction, Battersea 
Why: To support the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign 
When: Monday 1st December, 10:00am 
Where: ASDA Clapham Junction, Battersea 

ASDA Clapham Junction is unveiling a new name on Monday to support the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign. The new store name is ‘ASDA Clapham Junction Battersea’ and ‘SW11tch Back to Battersea’ co-chairman, Philip Beddows, will be on hand to unveil the store’s new banner, proudly displaying the store’s name and Battersea’s identity. 

Also celebrating the move will be some of the store’s longest serving colleagues from Battersea. Clamount Forde (72), Valerie Gale (69), Gamini Attanayake (68), Brenda South (67) and Rodney Thompson (65), are the store’s golden oldies, who may be over 65 but are incredibly important to the store for their experience and selflessness. AS long term residents, they also are keen to get Clapham Junction recognised as being at the heart of Battersea. 

General Store Manager, Andrew Holmes, said: “I’m delighted that ASDA is able to support the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign, as we are incredibly proud to be part of Battersea. I’ve invited some of our most experienced colleagues who know the area well to the official unveiling of our new name, as they have helped support the store in making this change.” 

SW11tch Back to Battersea campaigner, Philip Beddows, commented: “We are delighted that ASDA has now firmly positioned itself as part of the ‘Battersea Family’! We would particularly like to pay tribute to ASDA’s General Store Manager Andrew Holmes who has done so much to establish a close partnership with the local community.” 

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What we are pleased to say goodbye to:

The message on the tills:









The send off strap line as shoppers leave the store:







Andrew Holmes, with the soon-to-be defunct 'ASDA Clapham' identity tags:



The store locator page on the ASDA website.....hopefully to be changed very soon to Battersea:




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