Love Battersea this Valentine's Day

Declare your Love for Battersea this Valentine's Day
Write in to to let us know you love Battersea, whether as Battersea born and bred, new or former resident, local business, visitor, shopper or fan from afar…….Battersea wants to hear you say you love her!
We welcome and will publish any comments, for example:  Why you love Battersea (Northcote Road.... Battersea Power Station... Battersea Park..... the BAC.... the riverside etc), poems about Battersea, messages of support......whatever creative, amorous (and polite, of course) words you care to pen in your passion for Battersea. 
And please share / forward this email to all your friends who may live in or love visiting any part of Battersea and invite them to join you in declaring for Battersea this Valentine's Day, wherever in the world they are!
All names will be published, unless you ask that we do not do so - if you are worried about what your partner may think about you sharing your love with Battersea this year or just wish to give your love incognito.....and would like to use a Nom d'Amour, then just let us know !

   This loving initiative is organised by the SW11tch Back to Battersea campaign, working to restore pride in the name of Battersea and protect wonderful parts of SW11 like Northcote Road and Clapham Junction Station from being confused with 'Clapham', which is another great part of London.
For more information visit: