Local Intelligence?
Lavender Hill in Clapham?



February 2009




Jacksons Estate Agents put Battersea's world famous Lavender Hill in Clapham

Hawk-eyed Battersea folk walking along our much loved Lavender Hill will have noticed that a new estate agent has opened up on the site of the old Winkworth estate agents, at the junction with Latchmere Road.

The firm is Jacksons Estate Agents (Clapham) - and yes, you guessed it, despite a great strapline of Independent Local Intelligence they have branded this branch as being in Clapham....falling hook line and sinker into the Clapham-trap. 

How could this happen you may ask.....surely all they needed to do before opening is go and speak to Richard à Brassard at Courtenays right next door - he has been running his independent estate agency on Lavender Hill for a very long time and he could have put Jacksons right from the start. Or perhaps they could have asked the former occupiers of the corner site - Winkworth - who now operate out of vastly enlarged offices across the road. Winkworth on Lavender Hill pride themselves as being a Battersea branch. As another way to check where they were, they could have looked across Latchmere Road at their neighbours in BATTERSEA Police Station or walked further east along Lavender Hill....nearer Clapham....and visited old BATTERSEA Town Hall where the very well known BATTERSEA Arts Centre is located.

Or they could have looked up Lavender Hill on the very helpful website, All In London:



We looked at the Jacksons website, which is featured below and we could see one of the ways in which they could have been misled:


The map that Jacksons use, like many other businesses, is from Googlemaps.....and it is seriously incorrect, placing 'Clapham' geographically right in the Heart of Battersea >. Never fear, the SW11tch campaign team are certainly going to speak with Google to correct their googly-geography.

However, this Google error did not misled other estate agents, as can be seen below - Courtenay use the very same map company but get their geography right......as do Winkworth, also featured below:




Determined to try and welcome Jacksons to Battersea, we wrote to Simon Scott, one of the owners of Jacksons as follows: 

Dear Mr Scott

Independent Local Intelligence ?

We noticed that your website page http://www.jacksonsestateagents.com/clapham-estate-agents.aspx  has a serious mistake on it that is geographically incorrect and misleading and we are writing to you to ask if you would be kind enough to correct this.  You claim that your office on Lavender Hill is located in "Clapham", and at the same time claim to have "Independent Local Intelligence".  By doing so you must realise that you are making your business look incredibly ignorant about this part of London. 

Clapham is a place located in the Borough of Lambeth, where it is epitomised by the well known Clapham Old Town (see maps). Clapham Junction is a railway station located in the very heart of Battersea in the Borough of Wandsworth.

The SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign exists to focus on correcting the too easily made mistake of equating Battersea's most well known railway station with Clapham in Lambeth. The campaign has formal support from Wandsworth Borough Council and the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership Board, the Battersea Society and others.  We have a website which you may find helpful in explaining what we are doing. It provides information and links to other sources that tell residents and businesses about Battersea and has publicised mistakes like yours and 'SW11tches' like ASDA and Waitrose, as follows:http://LoveBattersea.googlepages.com.

Since the very beginning of this problem local residents have identified estate agents in particular as organisations that have fallen into the Clapham-trap.   It has always seemed a supreme irony that some estate agents in Battersea have made this mistake bearing in mind the differential values of property between Battersea and Clapham and that they are supposed to be the experts on local geography.

We ask you to support the campaign, ensure that your website directs people correctly so that they do not make unnecessary journeys and make sure that one less peice of misinformation is removed from the world wide web!  We are keen to encourage businesses to identify with the area in which they operate and to show some respect for its history and identity.  By labeling Lavender Hill as being in Clapham you are taking away from Battersea one of its most famous names - you must have heard of the Lavender Hill Mob and know something of the Lavender fields that used to exist that gave their name to the area. 

But we can see from the map on your website that Googlemaps need to hear from us!  That notwithstanding, this has been a well known and much loved part of Battersea since the beginning of recorded history.

Our website will provide you with maps and information on where Battersea begins and ends, if you are interested.


Sadly we received no reply to this email, nor to another one that followed a brief phone call from Mr Scott. However, we realise that a SW11tch will require a re-branding, which Jacksons may not be too keen to spend money on in the present climate. 

Nevertheless, we shall persevere as we always do and see if we can win round Mr Scott and his firm, get them to recognise the importance of correcting this error and discover the joy of becoming a part of the wonderful BATTERSEA community !!!



For further information contact the campaign team via: