Douglas & Gordon backs SW11tch



Northcote Road firm leads the SW11tch amongst estate agents

Chief Executive of Douglas & Gordon gives full support to the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign

PRESS RELEASE - 22nd November 2007

The SW11tch campaign team has begun to make approaches to businesses in SW11, particularly around Clapham Junction and down the Northcote Road, asking them to back the campaign, and where necessary drop references to 'Clapham SW11' and SW11tch to 'Battersea SW11'.


The first approaches have been made to estate agents, often identified as having contributed to the confusion in SW11 that set in years ago, when the area between Clapham and Wandsworth commons became so fashionable.


Michael Hodgson, Chief Executive of Douglas & Gordon who have a branch at 128 Northcote Road, was very quick to respond to an approach from the SW11tch team. In his letter of support for the campaign he was very open about the confusion that his own firm had experienced over what to call their Northcote Road branch - his reply was:-

" Thank you for your letter. Douglas & Gordon are very pleased to support your campaign. It has taken some time for us to get our geography right  -we did call the Northcote Road office " Clapham and Wandsworth"! - so are delighted that your campaign endorses our office title. "


It is believed that Douglas & Gordon were the first estate agents in Northcote Road to change to describing the area between the commons as south Battersea. Their "Battersea Office" is in Northcote Road, their Battersea Park Office in Battersea Park Road SW11 and their Clapham Office is in Abbeville Road SW4.


Commenting on D&G's endorsement and support for the campaign, SW11tch co-Chair Philip Beddows said:

" We were absolutely delighted to receive such a positive message of support so soon after making contact with Douglas & Gordon - Chief Executives are very busy people but Michael Hodgson has displayed a real interest in and support for the Battersea community in which his firm operates. We know many who are supporting the campaign will welcome the backing he and his firm are giving. We now look forward to welcoming many other estate agents as supporters." 




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