Council re-confirms support 

for the SW11tch campaign



Wednesday 30th January 2008

At the full meeting of Wandsworth Borough Council on Wednesday 30th January, Councillors of both political persausions joined forces to vote unanimously to support a Motion on Restoring pride in the Name of Battersea. The Motion was designed to reinforce the support shown by the Council when it passed its original historical motion on Restoring Pride in the Name of Battersea on 26th October 2005. The new motion was proposed by Cllr Philip Beddows and seconded by Cllr Tony Belton, co-Chairmen of the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign.

In addition to the motion, Cllr Beddows asked a question of the Leader of the Council, Cllr Edward Lister, about the implications of a part of Wandsworth Borough being confused for a part of Lambeth Borough. Cllr Lister provided a full written reply supporting the campaign and also provided a positive response to a secondary question asked of him by Cllr Belton.  

A copy of the Motion and the connected question, with its answer, is provided below.


Motion - Restoring Pride in the Name of Battersea:-

Question to the Leader of the Council:-

(asked earlier in the Council meeting)


            (2)        Clapham-trap:  Question asked by Councillor Beddows of the Leader of the Council –


                         Is the Leader aware that in November last year an ambulance was reported to have been

                         delayed reaching a local resident who was shopping at Marks & Spencer, St. John’s

                         Road, Battersea, SW11, after the store’s location was given as ‘Clapham’; and does he

                         agree that when businesses like Marks & Spencer and ASDA advertise their branches in

                         SW11 as being in Clapham or a newspaper headlines like the recent “Are skyscraping

                         twins heading for Clapham?” are published:

                                    (i)         the possibility of incorrect location details being provided in an emergency

                                                could have serious consequences;

                                     (ii)        Clapham Town Centre in Lambeth gets some of the commercial value of 

                                                  brand association rather than Battersea, whose town centre is Clapham 

                                                  Junction, “Heart of Battersea” and the identity of Battersea as a place to 

                                                  come and shop and live in could be diminished;


                                    (iii)       that tonight’s motion to the Council on Restoring Pride in the Name of

                                                Battersea, reconfirming support for the SW11tch back to Battersea 

                                                Campaign, if supported by Councillors, will be a positive statement of this 

                                                Council’s determination not to let one of its jewels – the area of south 

                                                Battersea (including Northcote Road) and Clapham Junction – lose its 

                                                identity as a part of Battersea and this Brighter Borough of Wandsworth.


            Answer:          As Councillor Beddows I think knows, I do share with him great concern about the misleading use of Clapham as a descriptor for what is patently Battersea.  The examples he quotes indicate the very serious consequences that can result, and also that the misleading use is continuing daily.

                                    I very much agree with his conclusions, and I hope our reconfirmed support for the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign will help re-establish the true identity of what is still regrettably all to frequently referred to as ‘Clapham’ or ‘Clapham Junction’, when it is actually Battersea.






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