Cath Kidston SW11tches to Battersea


PRESS RELEASE - 4th July 2008

Cath Kidston delights Battersea with the fastest SW11tch to Battersea on Northcote Road 


Yesterday Cath Kidston opened up a new shop on Northcote Road and featured it as being in Clapham.

Today Cath Kidston has put a great big smile on the faces of Battersea folk by SW11tching Back to Battersea. The company were so responsive to approaches and yesterday's press release from the SW11tch Campaign Team, they took the word 'Clapham' off their website within hours and this morning they added 'Battersea' to their address. Since it is American Independence Day we think that a loud and happy yahoo for Cath Kidston is more than in order!


Cath Kidston sent a message of support having made this change:

"We're delighted to open a store in Battersea; we've been looking for one in the area for years. It's really exciting to be in the hub of things on Northcote Road".


Philip Beddows, co-Chair of the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign praised Cath Kidston:

"We are absolutely delighted and very appreciative of the incredibly fast response that Cath KIdston has made in SW11tching back to Battersea - if only other businesses could be as responsive to the feelings of Battersea people.

We are sure that many mums and others will be pleased to see Cath Kidston bringing its beautiful style and colour to Northcote Road, Battersea's much loved shopping street and one of the top high streets in London".


Details on how to find Cath Kidston on Northcote Road can be found via this link >>

To see the change that has been made, we have provided before and after pictures below:-


....and After:




For further information contact the campaign team via: