Ambulance Late

due to Clapham confusion


PRESS RELEASE - 29th November 2007

Confused knowledge and directions to Clapham delay ambulance to central Battersea location


The SW11tch campaign team has been alerted to a potentially serious repercussion caused by the confusion of the use of the name "Clapham" in St. John's Road at the heart of Battersea's town centre.

An ambulance was called within recent weeks to attend to a lady at Marks & Spencer in St. John's Road SW11, but went to Clapham High Street having been given "Clapham" as the address and location of this particular Marks & Spencer store.

It is reported that this resulted in a 20 minute delay before an emergency medical team reached the lady in question.

Co-Chair of the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign, Philip Beddows, said:

"Thankfully this mistake was not fatal. We are very concerned that if incorrect details are provided to an ambulance in a more serious case, then the result could be fatal. This is what can happen in a tense emergency when there is confusion caused by businesses in the centre of Battersea around Clapham Junction calling themselves 'the Clapham branch'."

This is not the only case of potentially important directions being mis-reported. From traffic news to crime reports, the area of Battersea around Clapham Junction station continues to be reported incorrectly as being in Clapham.

Philip Beddows went on to comment that:

"According to Marks & Spencer's 'Store Finder' webpage the company has no stores in the whole of Battersea. It reports that its "Clapham" store is in St. John's Road SW11....which is nowhere near Clapham but located right in the heart of Battersea. Staff and Management in stores like Marks & Spencer need to get behind our campaign and help make sure that their customers know where they are shopping - this latest incident must go down as a key lesson in Health & Safety."

The SW11tch campaign team will be writing to Marks & Spencer executives asking them to make the SW11tch and better ensure their customers' safety.

The current relevant Marks & Spencer Store Finder webpage can be viewed via this link >>




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