'Cluttons Clapham' continues to deny its 

geography down on Northcote Road



2nd December 2008

SW11tch Campaign turns its attention on Northcote Road's last remaining 'Clapham' Estate Agent

Approach made to new Managing Partner of Cluttons


As those who have supported and followed the SW11tch Back to Battersea Campaign have known, the origin of confusion between Clapham and Battersea in south Battersea was identified with estate agents who wrongly designated property in Battersea SW11 (and other Battersea postcodes) as being in Clapham.

One by one estate agents along Nortcote Road and nearby have SW11tched to Battersea or (in the case of the formerly designated Haarts of Clapham) closed down.

But one remains, standing out against the Battersea tide - "Cluttons Clapham", as is shown on their website today (see below, 2nd December 2008). And yet this is odd as Cluttons have had an office on Lavender Hill in Battersea for many many years and therefore knows the geography of the area very well.

The SW11tch campaign is determined to try again to see what Christmas cheer Cluttons can bring to Battersea and explore a solution that is workable for the company.



A glance at a list of their London offices makes it easy to see why Cluttons have had difficulty in making a SW11tch:

  • Head office, W1H 6DU               
  • Battersea, SW11 5QJ
  • Belgravia, SW1W 8HQ
  • Chelsea, SW3 3DH
  • Clapham, SW11 6PS
  • Holland Park, W11 4QS
  • Hyde Park, W2 2AS
  • Marble Arch, W1H 5EP
  • South Kensington, SW7 2NW
  • St John's Wood, NW8 6JN
  • Tower Bridge, SE1 2LN
  • Wapping, E1W 3SD

    ........hawkeyes amongst you will have spotted that they have no office physically located in Clapham. Oddly enough their 'Battersea' office in Lavender Hill is closer to Clapham than the office on Northcote Road.

    But does this make it any more acceptable to those who love and are proud of Battersea that an estate agent is wrongly associating Battersea streets with Clapham.

    Cluttons are advertising property all over SW11 with the reference 'Clapham Sales', in many well known and much loved Battersea roads including: Barnard Road, Dents Road, Sugden Road, Rush Hill Road, Muncaster Road, Canford Road.

    Do a search for property in SW11 on this page to see what we mean:



    Yesterday, ASDA part of the worlds largest company managed to untangle its longstanding confusion by rebranding its Lavender Hill store as being in Battersea - if such an elephant can learn to dance so elegantly for love of Battersea then we think that firms like Cluttons can do the same.

    We are genuinely concerned at the confusion that can be caused to people's sense of identity and connection to place that such unwitting misrepresentation.

    As a result we are making a fresh appeal to Cluttons and will let SW11tch Back to Battersea supporters know what success we achieve in the process.

    Following on from success with ASDA the campaign will be continuing to highlight businesses and people who are backing Battersea, those who are SW11tching and those who we are particularly keen to bring into the fold of the Battersea family and community.


    In the meantime, here is an extract from an earlier email to Cluttons:

    Following on from our initial aproach in November 2007 and buoyed up by the wholehearted support of Douglas & Gordon and Kinleight Folkard & Hayward - firms who have two Battersea offices just like Cluttons, we sent a follow-up email to Cluttons on 11th February 2008.

    Here is an extract of this last note:

    I write further to....our request on 22nd November 2007.... for Cluttons to join the community of Battersea in designating its Northcote Road office as being in Battersea (or south Battersea) rather than Clapham, which is incorrect.   

    The SW11tch Back to Battersea campaign is working hard to correct such mistakes and get residents and businesses to be proud to say they are located in Battersea. 
    It is an issue of branding and identity. We are so proud of
    Northcote Road, a gem of this part of Battersea and do not want it to be associated wrongly with Clapham, which is in Lambeth. 

    You must know that you are, perhaps, the last remaining estate agency in Northcote Road to designate itself as being a Clapham branch - the others have either closed (for example Haarts of Clapham) or changed, as our website shows. Firms like Douglas & Gordon and Kinleigh have come forward to offer full support to our campaign and Battersea - see: 

    We are very keen that you will make the SW11tch also - if you decide not to, we would love to understand why you wish to stand by Clapham when Battersea beckons all around your office.....




    For further information contact the campaign team via: