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Please note:  We DO NOT accept American Bulldogs, Pit Bulls or mixed breeds into our rescue.   Only pure bred English Bulldogs.  Visit for info on surrendering a pit bull or American Bulldog


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Do you need to find your Bulldog a new home?

If so, Click Here

 Do you have, or know of, a Bulldog that needs a new home?

Perhaps you are the owner of a Bulldog you can no longer keep? Or maybe you found a Bulldog as a stray, or know someone who wants to give up a Bulldog. You may even have seen a Bulldog at an animal shelter or noticed a posting on the Internet about a Bulldog needing a new home.

If so, contact us asap.

Karen   480.593.6559

Amy   480.227.1276

Keith  480.383.9867




If you are surrendering a dog to Love-A-Bull Rescue, please print and fill out these forms and bring them with you.  Please answer all questions completely and truthfully.


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