Success Stories

The best page of the whole site!  Here are the dogs who have found their forever homes with all of the love in the world!  This is the reason we do this.....



"A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog."
-- Charles Doran


DOZER  formerly known as Buddy is now living in Chandler with his new mommy who adores him.  He loves to play fetch and has has adjusted so well to his new home!  Congratualtions Dozer!



GRACIE has found her forever home with an amazing family in Mesa!  She loves their huge back yard and all of the kids to play with!  Congratulations Gracie!



GUB GUB found her forever home thanks to Love A Bull Rescue!  She was saved out of the shelter and now has a great home in El Mirage with all of the love in the world!  She loves bossing her new brother around.  Congrats to GUB GUB!



TANK has found his new home in Scottsdale with a wonderful young couple who spoils him like the baby he is!  They just got married and Tank is their new "baby"!Congratulations to TANK!


 A note from Tank's new family:

We couldn't have asked for a better dog! He no longer needs a crate at all. He sleeps in our room and has free roam over the apt when we are gone. He is such a good boy. man can he run. he still has his original kong which he loves! We take him the the park and throw it for hours.  He follows me around the apt all day and even lays in the bathroom when I shower.  He lives a pretty normal spoiled life. He cant wait to see you I'm sure!

 Stephanie, Jeff and TANK!


WATSON has found his home in Mesa with an amazing couple and a sister dog, Teela to play with!  Teela keeps Watson on his toes all day long and he loves her so much!  Watson was rescued from the animal shelter.  Now he is enjoying the life of a king!  Congratulations Watson! 


 Here is a picture of Watson with his new mommy and sister, Teela!  He is enjoying his ear rub!


 SID THE KID, formerly known as Monkey, a 9 month old baby, has found his home in Glendale!  He was in our rescue for awhile, and is healthy and ready to enjoy his new family!  He has human kids, and a stay at home mommy to keep him busy and give him all of the love in the world! Congratulations Monkey, we will miss you!

Click Here  to read Monkey's story!


 MUGGSY aka "Cowboy" has found his new home in Tempe with a wonderful couple where he is the only dog and spoiled rotten!  Congratulations and keep in touch with us!

A little note from Muggsy's new family,

I can't tell you how much we just adore our newest family member - he is just amazing and daily make me giggle with his crazy antics!  He is a love and loves to play with the array of toys he has quickly accumulated and we could not have gotten a better dog.  He has his first "big day" on Super Bowl Sunday and was an absolute angel!  Everyone fell in love with him!
 Thanks so much Karen!  Talk to you soon, 
 Heather, Robert & Muggsy!!


BUBBA has found his new home in Glendale with a great couple where he is the only dog and will be spoiled to pieces!  They have a huge backyard for him to play and lots of love to give him!  Congratulations BUBBA and good luck with your new family! 


BARNEY has found his new home in Laveen with a wonderful family! He has a sister dog, Princess and 2 human kids to keep him busy! Congratualtions Barney! We will miss you very much! You have to read Barney's story... 


BRUTUS has found his home in Scottsdale with a great guy who works from home and has all day to spoil him rotten!  A perfect match!  Congratulations Brewtus and good luck in your new life!  I have a feeling you will be sleeping on the bed very soon... :)


SAMMY has found his home in Mesa!  His new family just adores him, and spoils him every single day.  Congratulations to Sammy, Marissa and Daniel!

A note from Sammy's family:

Karen!  Thank you so much for bringing Sammy into our lives J  His stubborn personality matches our stubborn personalities perfectly!  He loves going to the park everyday, and if I wait too long to take him there he for sure lets us know!  Some of Sammy’s favorite things now are playing with his beagle friend, Harley, hanging out on the couch with his daddy (yes, the same daddy that said there will be no dogs on the couch, ever.  It only took Sammy about a week to convince him otherwise), and giving his kitty-brother, Chavo, lots of kisses*.  Our little bully has turned into such a daddy’s boy!  Sammy hangs out under Daniel’s feet and barks at his video games!!  We take him everywhere we can with us.  He’s always getting compliments for being so cute and everyone wants to pet him.  He has so much fun in his obedience classes.  He’s the smartest (and best looking) dog there! Okay, I may be a little biasedJ.  We can’t imagine not having Sammy around.  Our little family just wasn’t complete until he became part of it! 

*However, this is definitely NOT one of Chavo’s favorite things 


CHUBBS has found his forever home in Mesa with a wonderful family!  He has a sister dog, Sadie, who is his best friend!  We will miss you Chubbs!  It was great to have you here!  I will miss you trying to speak human every morning before your walk!  Good luck in your new home and keep in touch!

A note from Chubb's new family:

Hi KarenThings could not be going any better!  We are all so in love with Chubbs and can’t believe how quickly he has become part of the family!  His most favorite person in the whole world is my husband!  If we leave the house to run an errand or something, we always come home to find him on my husband's side of the bed, snuggled up to his pillow!!!  They are complete buddies and I am just a tad jealous! 

I cannot thank you enough for letting us adopt Chubbs!  He is the most perfect dog! ~ Jennifer


"COOPER" has found his home in Scottsdale with a great guy who loves to take him on walks in the park!  Cooper is even able to go to work with his new dad!  Hooray!  Congratulations Cooper, it was a pleasure to meet you, you made me smile every day!  :-)


WALLACE formerly known as Brandon has found his new home in Chandler!  He is the only dog with a wonderful couple who spoils him rotten! Congratulations!  Brandon was just a pleasure to have at my home. A true angel! 


"BUSTER" and "DELILAH"  (Delilah is now "Bella") have been lucky enough to be adopted together!  They live in Western Arizona now with an amazing family who just could not decide between the two.  SO, they chose BOTH!  Lucky dogs!  Good luck to both of you and we will miss you very much!

 "Lucy" has found a wonderful home in East Mesa where she is the only dog and gets all the love and attention in the world!  She has a human sister and brother, who just cannot get enough of her! Her new mom is so amazed at how well behaved she is!  Good luck Miss Lucy in your new home!

 We are pleased to announce that "STELLA" has found the home she was BORN to live at!  After 6 months of recovery, a leg surgery and MANY visits to the vet, she is the proud new member of Molly and Travis' family!  She even has a bully brother to play with who she adores.  Congratulations my sweet girl!  You are VERY special to my heart!

CHUNK formerly known as "Theo" is happy as can be with his new family!  He has an awesome yorkie brother to play with, and is enrolled in obedience school!  Good luck Theo!

DOZER, formerly known as BIG BOY has found his forever home in Glendale! Big Boy is such a lucky boy to have such an amazing family to be with!  Good luck in your new home and here's a kiss! MUAH!

LEX has found his new home in Chandler with an amazing family who just adores him!  They love his little quirks, and even his loud snoring!  Good luck Lexy Lou!  We wish you all the very best!  You have a great family! Lex's story!

HANK is now the proud member of a great family in Gilbert!  He has 2 human brothers to play with, a stay-at-home mom, and he is the only dog!  100% attention on HANK!  Congrats!  Keep in touch with us!

BRUISER is livin' the life in Queen Creek in a home where he is the only dog!  He is having a blast getting all of the attention, and taking naps with his dad on a regular basis.  :-)  Good Luck Bruiser in your new home!  Keep in touch!

Portia, formerly known as Dutchess is the proud sister of "Brutus", a previously adopted rescue boy!  She is feeling great, and travels all over with her new dad and brother!  Congrats Portia De Roxie! 

PENNY is now livin' the life as an only child in the East Valley!  She even gets to accompany her mom to work sometimes at a vet clinic!  How cool is that??  Congratulations Princess Penny, your new parents adore you

Maggie, our senior gal now lives in Kingman with her "new best friend!" AKA her mommy!  Best of luck to you Maggie, you touched our lives!

Bam has his new home in Gilbert with 4 human brothers and sisters to play with!  YAY!  He gets to be an only dog and is becoming a wonderful addition to his new family.  Congrats Bam Bam!

     Trinity has found her forever home in Tucson with a wonderful family, that   also includes a bulldog brother that she adores!  Congrats Trin, go live the wonderful life that you deserve...

"ROXY" formerly known as APRIL has found an amazing family in the East Valley!  She has a bulldog brother who is her same age, who she bonded with the moment she saw him!  I hear that Roxy has just made their lives complete and they couldn't be happier to have her!  Congrats Roxy, you deserve every kiss and hug that you get...

"Wrigley" formerly known as WATSON is now officially adopted by one of Love-A-Bull's amazing foster homes!  He has a bully sister who thinks that he hung the moon!  His new momma adores him, and named him after Chicago's Wrigley Field...

"BRUNO" has found his home in Scottsdale where he gets to be an only dog!  Not to mention, he is in the best hands possible with one of our very own foster homes!  He is going to be spoiled rotten!  Congrats Ashlee, Bruno and Chris!  We couldn't be happier for all of you!

"DUKE" has found his forever home in Queen Creek with an amazing family who thinks that he hung the moon.  He has a german shepard sister and a chihuahua brother to keep him happy, as well as amazing parents!  YAY!  Go DUKE!                   A message from Duke's family: 

We are the proud parents of Duke and cannot thank the rescue enough for the happiness that you allowed us to adopt. He has assumed the role as leader and lover here with us. He has so much personality it suprises us that this big lug needed rescue, but we are thankful. Our family is now complete and maybe he rescued us.......Thanks to Karen, Keith and Michele our family is now complete                       Jade and Wendi