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This is problay the most important page to read on this site.  Many of our rescues are turned in for health reasons.  Usually the owners don't want to "deal" with taking the dog to the vet,  or they didn't realize the health concerns that came along with a Bulldog.  Please do your research on the breed before considering adopting.   We want to make sure the dog you adopt from us is the dog you will have forever.


Possible Health Problems

Bulldogs have numerous known genetic defects and are subject to various illnesses that affect many breeds. Common Bulldog health problems you may encounter include: elongated soft palate, small trachea, allergies, dermatitis, demodetic mange, eye lid anomalies, hip dysplasia and heart problems. Some of them have a tendency toward self-mutilation (especially if they have itchy skin), so owners should watch carefully for signs of skin irritation and scratching. If you are adopting an older dog, many of these conditions will already have been identified.  

Twenty-four hour care by a qualified veterinarian must be available. Since not all veterinarians are knowledgeable about the health problems Bulldogs may have, you should consult experienced Bulldog owners or the rescue to find a capable veterinarian. Any veterinarian who will be doing surgery on your Bulldog should have previous experience with putting Bulldogs under anesthesia.   Please visit our LINKS to find a vet for your bulldog.

We do the best we can to educate you on the health needs of your new dog.  We strongly recommend you read up on the potential health issues of these dogs before applying to adopt.  If we can be of any help to you, please contact us.  A great source of info is the Bulldog Club of America at .

We always recommend  to attend the Phoenix Bulldog Club meetings.  You can apply for membership, and it is a great way to meet local bulldog owners and exchange information.  Most of the members have been involved in Bulldogs for years and years.  Click here to visit the PHOENIX BULLDOG CLUB site.

Danger of Overheating

Bulldogs are extremely intolerant of heat. They must be kept in an air-conditioned area with limited trips outside when the outside temperature is over 80 degrees or the humidity is high. Close supervision is required during outside activity, especially in spring and summer to prevent over-exertion leading to over-heating. They also are not usually capable of prolonged physical activity whether the temperature is very warm or cold: a Bulldog is not for someone who enjoys taking a dog for long walks through the countryside.   They will be happy playing with you for awhile when the temperature is cool, then they will want to be on the couch with you for the rest of the day... :)

           Click here to learn more about Bulldog Health Problems