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  PLEASE be patient with us!  We are a small crew with families, jobs and dogs to take care of.  The best method of contacting us is e-mail.

When we get a dog that we believe to be a good fit for your family, we will contact you via e-mail.


No inquiries are returned until an application is filled out, and the $5 application fee is received



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Thank-you for your interest in adopting a bulldog. Let me explain a little how the process works:


  • You fill out an application.  Before any phone calls are returned, an application MUST be filled out and e-mailed or faxed to us.  We also require a $5.00 application fee which you can learn more about on our adoption application page.  The fee can be paid by clicking the link below.


Please note:  We do not adopt to homes with unfenced pools, unfenced yards, children under the age of 5, or homes where any other cat or dog living there is not spayed/neutered.  


  • If we have a dog who we feel would match your family and lifestyle, we will give you a call or e-mail to set up a home visit.   A home visit is not to see how big your house is, it is just a way for us to get to meet you and see where our rescue dog will be living.  We do not adopt to homes where we would not want our own dogs to live.  During the home visit, feel free to ask us any questions you may have.


  • We do a "pets ok" verification if you are renting


  • We do a vet reference check to ensure current and previous animals were up to date on shots, check-ups etc...


  • Once the home visit is complete, and all references are checked,  we will have you come and meet the dog that is available.  If you fall in love with that dog, you are free to adopt at that time. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Most rescue dogs CANNOT be placed in homes with small kids.  Even though your child may be gentle with dogs, we are always cautious with them around children.  There are no exceptions when we say:  OUR BULLDOGS WILL NOT BE PLACED IN HOMES WITH CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 5.  Remember, Bulldogs can be great with children, BUT they are still a BULL breed.


Adoption Donations and Fees:

Adoption fees range from $175-$575 depending on the dog and his/her needs.  Your adopted bulldog will:

  •  Be up to date on vaccinations
  •  Spayed or Neutered
  •  Microchipped and registered to Love-A-Bull and you, the owner
  • Come with a collar with the appropriate ID tags



What we require of you, the adopter:

Love-A-Bull Rescue has a new policy to include beginner training classes as part of an adoption contract.  Before your adoption is complete, you must provide a receipt from a trainer, Petco or Petsmart saying that you have signed your new bulldog up for  training classes!  We think it is a great way to bond with your new dog, and it also helps the dog learn to respect his/her new owner.  A 6 week beginner training class will run approx $100. Be sure to mentally add that on to your adoption fee.  You may also be asked to put part of the adoption fee at our vet's office to cover the cost of upcoming meds or visits if your bulldog requires it.


We try as hard as we can to make the process move quickly and easily for both the humans and the dogs! :)  Please be patient.... love takes time! 


Waiting Time to adopt a


Your wait for a rescued Bulldog can be as short as two weeks to as much as two years. 

Dogs are placed according to the type of home best suited to their needs. A majority of our rescues have social, emotional, behavioral and health issues. If you are not able or willing to deal with a not-so-perfect bully, your wait may be a long one. Many rescued Bulldogs are dog aggressive and have trust issues. Some are not suitable for placing with children. Rarely does a happy, well-adjusted Bulldog end up in our care. If you are not committed to deal with housebreaking issues in an adult dog or to provide obedience training, you may not really want to take on a rescued Bulldog.   The dog trainer that I highly recommend who is familiar with Bulldogs and has helped me so much with my own is Crystal with All Ways Pawsitive.  She does in-your-home training classes as well as group classes. 

Please remember:

These dogs are rescue dogs... Most have been neglected, abused or abandoned... Please do not apply if you are looking for a cheap bulldog.  These dogs are going to need extra TLC from you...Only apply if you are wanting to give a homeless dog a second chance.




We all know that Bulldog puppies are the cutest puppies in the world, right?


Unfortunately, rescue is not the place to be looking if you are wanting a puppy.  We rarely get dogs in under the age of 2 years old.  I want to caution the puppy buyers out there to a few things.


  • Beware of places online who will ship the puppy to you.  There are so many great dogs locally, that there is no need to put the stress on the pup of being shipped  A lot of these places online are scams.


  • Cheaper is not always better when looking for a puppy!  A Bulldog puppy from a reputable breeder will be approx $2500 in Arizona.  I am sure you can find them for cheaper, but usually you will make up the additional cost in vet bills. (Trust me on this one)




  • Good breeders aim to improve the breed, have sound temperaments, and guarantee health. Puppies are a lot of work and the first 3 months of their life are some of the most critical times for shaping temperament.


  • Please stay away from pet stores! Pet stores help promote bad breeding and puppy mills. You have no way to know where your puppy came from, what the parents are like, if there were any health issues in the lines, etc.... Plus, pet store prices are often 2 times what you would normally pay for a pet from a good breeder.  Puppy mill is a term used for a person who breeds in high volume, and is not doing it to improve the breed, they are doing it to make money.  There are MANY puppy mills right here in Arizona. 


  • Ask to see the parents. If the breeder can not show you one of the parents you should be careful. Ask about pedigrees, temperaments, and general health. A good breeder will take the time to discuss all of these topics with you and answer any questions that you may have.


  •  Go with your gut feeling. If you sense that something may not be right, it probably is not!  


  •  Most of all, be patient! If you find a breeder that you are comfortable with, work with them to get just the right dog for you.  This puppy will run your life for the next 8-10 years, so be sure you get the right dog for you and your family!




Still set on a puppy? CLICK HERE!