Home is Where the Latte is...

and my husband, dog, sneakers, recipes, vegan ice cream, brown rice, veggies and lots of love...

It's about the little things each day...

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For me, lattes are one of life's little pleasures...

Something about a latte whether it's hot or cold is wonderfully soothing.  Us ladies turn to all sorts of comforts, maybe chocolate (I do have an insatiable sweet tooth at times), maybe it's wine, or a nice bath with a good book.  I've been a Starbucks addict for years, but now as I enter my later twenties I now symbolically look at the latte as more than just a caffeinated beverage to get me through a 10 page paper or a cure to last nights party.  A latte brings me home whenever I feel astray. 

Do I need a latte to get through the day? No.  But I believe the small things in life are important and lattes (on most days) certainly fall in that category. 

Along with lattes ,I have a passion for a vegan lifestyle, running, walks with my dog, great books and movies, and most importantly time with my husband, family and friends.  My blog is a way for me to sit down with a latte and talk about my life in the hopes that others will be inspired (while inspiring me).

I plan to write about my runs as I prepare for my next marathon in September, my journey through my newly acquired (and in progress) macrobiotic diet, and all other things that motivate me.  


Love a Latte is about my goal of living my best life.  

2013 Goals:
*More runs
*More macrobiotic recipes
and of course...
*More lattes (but this year homemade!)
Take time to relax.
 Got to have fun.
Enjoy each day.