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January Report - A45

posted Mar 31, 2010, 6:08 AM by Louisville High School   [ updated Jan 19, 2011, 9:04 AM ]

    January has been a cold, but busy month. New team members have been learning how to operate the machines, studying how the car is built and getting used to late work nights. Other progress is being made on the reconstruction and design of the front axle and strengthening of the steering components. Progress has been slow for the A45 team, but we are moving forward. 

The good news is that there are many new members on the Power Drive team this year; with that comes new training and learning how the electric car is designed, fabricated and assembled. Everyone has been patient and willing to teach new members how to weld, machine on the lathe and how the car will be built. The new team members have done well and are going to be a valuable part of the team. They have also brought many new ideas that we hope will help in building a successful car.  

The majority if the time and effort has been the rebuilding of the cars front end; specifically the front axle. We currently have the aluminum axle off the car and are in the process of fabricating the new steel axle, spindles and brake mounts. With more than 5 parts being manufactured at once, it sure feels like there is a lot going on. Soon everyone will have finished their parts, and we hope everything will all fit together correctly. 

Finally, a few small, but needed projects are being done to help the upcoming Power Drive rally season run smoothly. The tool box is being organized and re-stocked with needed parts. The wiring for the car is being inspected for any insulation loss or cuts, and the ends are being cleaned to help reduce the resistance in the wiring system. It’s enough to keep all the team members busy.

The goal for the month of February will be to have a rolling chassis, and then to install the wiring and meters into the car for a test of the upgraded axle and steering.