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January Report - A48

posted Mar 31, 2010, 6:07 AM by Louisville High School   [ updated Jan 19, 2011, 9:03 AM ]

    With most of the work effort being focused on of the rebuilding of the A45, the A48 has seen little work. The main goal for this car will be to correct the problems with the spindles and warped brakes from last seasons wear and tear. This car will also serve as a training car for new drivers in the upcoming rally season. 

Last season the team thought it would be an improvement to the braking system to incorporate 8” brake rotors. Over the course of the rally season, we found that these rotors were thin and would warp; this in turn caused problems with the brake pad and rotors rubbing and creating too much drag on the front wheels. So to remedy this problem, we have chosen to return to the 6” rotor and upgrade to a thicker rotor, in hopes that this will reduce the amount of friction and adjustments we would have to make each week to keep the brakes from rubbing.  

At the state rally last season, our volt and ammeter finally had taken enough abuse and stopped working. After further inspection, we found that the wiring going into the meter had worn through due to vibration and location next to the steering. So to prevent the loss of such important pieces of equipment, the team is looking to move and better protect the meters inside the car. It is also important that the driver is still able to read the meters while driving. 

After much debate, the team has decided to leave the aluminum front axle on the A48. Both axles have been broken and repaired over the past 3 season, and the team agrees that the repairs will hold up for one more rally season. Another deciding factor was that the time, money and destruction of the beautiful paint on the front of the car would not be worth it. 

February goals for the A48 will be to make the brake adjustments by adding the 6” rotors. Also purchasing and installing the new meters in a safe but visible location.