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How to find The Best LED Sign Supplier!


TRI Color & Full Color signs  from 40'' to 13 feet in stock, ready to ship.         

          We use only 100,000 hour rated UltraBright LED's.         

           Indoor, Outdoor, and Window (all sizes are waterproof)

          Signs are preloaded with 400 images, Graphics, and Special Effects. 

          All signs are electronic message centers, message can scroll or appear.

          Double Height and Full Color signs available.

          Installation Kit Included for Ceiling or Wall Mounting.

          All signs can display one and two line messages.

          Runs numerous messages at various speeds simultaneously.

          Signs store 99 messages.

          Easily programmed with a handheld remote or by PC.


20mm +7000 nits Outdoor

15mm Outdoor ‎‎(Plug&Play)‎‎

Auto Maker Logos

Pizza Graphics

Bar/Lounge GraphicsSample

Tanning Salon Graphics Sampling


13 foot LED


BUY or LEASE to OWN (starting @ $59/Month)

TRI-COLOR LED Signs - Sizes and Specifications

FULL-COLOR LED Signs (+7000 nits) - Sizes and Specifications

                                                               DOUBLE HEIGHT TRI-COLOR LED Signs - Sizes  (20mm to 30mm)                                       

LED Signs come shipped with DVD and Manual

LED Signs Bulb Pattern (single brightness, tri-color)
LED signs have rugged molded corners

Using a Programmable LED Signs to Showcase Your Business:

The business environment of today is faced with fierce competition. Only the fittest survive the competition. One of the ways to make your business stand out from the crowd and pull in more customers is to embark on an outdoor LED sign strategy for the publicity and promotion of your business. In this era of high-tech in almost every facet of life and business, it will be out of fashion and archaic to use — 20th century patterns of business advertisement.

The suitability of outdoor LED signs for variety of purposes is because of its use of modular systems. Small businesses can be boosted with the use of LED signs. The change that led signs have brought in the promotion of small and medium scale businesses is likened to the revolution that television has brought in advertising and promotion. Signage is an essential element that cannot be separated from business. It is a means of customer generation for both medium and small scale businesses such as fashion stores, restaurants, schools, churches, saloons and others.

Choosing a custom LED sign for your small business presents you with a more result-oriented technique of both attracting and retaining customers. Small and medium businesses are of the opinion and belief that outdoor LED signs offer them the most effective way of getting the attention of customers to the business. This is because of their eye popping/grabbing graphics. The profit of your business can be amazingly increased with the use of a custom LED sign.

With the passage of time, LED signs have evolved significantly in the aspects of technology involved, uses and also price range. LED signs have variety of sizes, designs and shapes. These forms are already-made for use in your business. But if any of the already designed ones do not suit your needs or match exactly what you require it for, you can order for a customized led sign.

Outdoor LED signs enhances the competitive edge of a business. This is especially true for businesses situated in strategic located sites. An LED sign will achieve contact with existing customers as well as generate interest from new customers. In return, the profit potential of your business will be raised. The more direct and accurate way of reaching out to your customers (both present and potential) is through the use of outdoor signs.

The outdoor signs are usually positioned in front of the store. This attracts a captivated audience who would be willing to jump at your offer. LED signs achieve targeted increase in brand awareness to immediate audiences. Most of the small and medium scale businesses have mostly local residents as their regular customers, and a good portion of the profits of these businesses accrue from the patronage of these local residents. The outdoor LED signs are the best way for small businesses to maximize their profit earning potentials. This technique can be used to create awareness of discounts, special sales and establishment of other outlets. Give your business a lift with the use of LED signs.




Louisville, KY LED Signs

Louisville LED Signs & Message Centers

Hello my name is Scott O'Loughlin, I have been helping Mom and Pop businesses compete with with the big boys for over a decade. My experiences include selling billboard space for CBS and Clear Channel. I have sold radio airtime for a Top 5 FM station in Jacksonville, FL. I held business development roles for two advertising agencies. I also managed a massive direct mail coupon magazine in Florida.

In October 2010, I decided to venture out on my own and start up my own LED Sign business. I have never been more excited about an advertising media or product as what I can offer now. The appeal and affordability of these LED Sign is virtually universal. Program your LED Sign to meet the personality of your business. LED Signs can flash and scroll, they arrive preloaded with 100's of animations, logos, and images! What a lower profile; simply just display an image or a name for hours at a time!

LED Signs are one-time investment, that will provide years of flexibility and profitability. Buy or Lease, leases start out as low as $59/month! Sizes range from 3 feet to 13 feet long. Tri-Color and Full Color Signs are in stock now! All signs are plug and play technology, no special wiring. They are lightweight, and easy to hang or mount. All signs are weatherized and ready for your climate! Please visit my website for videos and a full run down of the sizes! Call me if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you soon!