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Believe !

September 21st: Well, my gaming computer is pretty much toasted so I can no longer play Oblivion :'( Since the main point of this site was my Screenshot Library, now that I can't put new ones the site is useless...


August 3: Updated my Screenshots Library :D 


May 29: I finished my Screenshots library, see it on the right side. I also added a new section: Useful links


May.29: Yay, just added my ultra cool banner at the bottom of this page ! I also started working on a library of all the Oblivion screenshots I did.


Jan. 8: Woa it's been a long time ! I got a new mod. It's The Death Dealer Helm mod ! See it on the right side.


Nov. 20: Oh man... too complicated I give up, use Buddha's one


Nov. 20: Hahaha not updated since halloween, I want to recreate the listing I made in some threads of the OOF so I'll try...see Weapons and Armor list. 


Oct. 31: Happy Halloween ! Good news I've been named admin on the White Fox Forum. Hooray for me ! 


Oct. 30: Since I made a mod...I'll upload it here hehe see Brown Hood


Oct. 29: Ok hi everyone...the first goal for this page is to host Oblivion mods. The awesome modder Eldrac just retired  or took a break from Oblivion modding and he no longer update his mod. I am here to provide a link to his awesome armory latest version cause it can't be found anywhere else.


Eldrac's Armory 

Brown Hood 

Death Dealer Helm 


Screenshots Library 

Useful tips 

Useful links