Welcome to my P & P website. Lots of my poetry I have written during my lifetime has gone missing over the years. It happens when you move from place to place. Same thing with the photos.  So I decided to post them up on a website and then they will never be lost and always be accessible from anywhere in the world.  I have always written poetry for enjoyment, and as a result they were stacking up. Now I just upload them as I write. Some of the poetry on this website has previously been published, others have never been read by anyone. (or so I assume)
I can't say that I am publishing these poems on the website to become famous. As I know all the good artists, poets and musicians only became famous after they have long left this planet, so it is purely for enjoyment.
I have a real passion for photography, and thanks to my dear wife, I am the proud owner of a fantastic new professional Nikon camera. All the photographs on this website are my original work too. Please enjoy them with the matching poems.
I recently added a guestbook to the website. Please use it to comment on either my poetry or photographs.
Many thanks.
Louis P van Niekerk

All poems and photographs by Louis P van Niekerk are protected by Copyright © 2010