Louisiana Well Logs

Welcome to Louisiana Well Log Portal. This Portal collects relatively detailed sand/shale (clay) sequence information from electrical logs and drillers' logs in Louisiana. The data is presented in PNG image format for visualization. Yellow color is for sand. Gray color is for shale (clay). You can click a parish name at the left side menu to view which well logs have been analyzedInformation in each balloon includes well name, person(s) who analyzed the well log, and an imageRed balloons are for electrical logs. White balloons are for drillers’ logs. Another way is to click a location of your interest in the Louisiana map belowA highlighted parish shows parish name and a link that leads you to download a KML file of drillers' log images. On the top of each parish map, you will see Click here for KML download”. You should not miss this important link if you want to clearly view images in Google Earth. You are more than welcome to send me your sand picks data to be displayed in the Portal. Find more information from “*Share Your Well Logs and Sand Picks” at the left side menu.

I hope you will find this Portal useful to you as I have been using data in the Portal for my group’s research projects. –Frank Tsai