Tu parles! Video lessons

Tu parles! literally means "You speak!" in French, but in Louisiana we use it as an exclamatory phrase to express enthusiastic agreement or support of what someone else has said.  It translates roughly to "Talk about!" or "You said it!" in English. With Tu parles! you will listen to real Louisiana French speakers talking about events in their lives, carrying on conversations, expressing opinions, recounting folktales, and more.  You control how and what you'd like to get from the lesson.  Do any of the following in any order or combination that makes sense to you:
  • Watch the video and listen to the speaker.  The video is subtitled in French.
  • Read the full transcription in French of the video.
  • Read the English translation of the video.
  • Use the Vocabulary List to study and find the meanings of the key words and structures in the video.
  • Learn and practice saying the words and phrases in the video by going to the related BYKI lists that go with each video.

Madame Anita Guidry de Bayou LaFourche raconte comment son père lui a joué une niche quand elle voulait qu'il rencontre son beau. Mrs. Anita Guidry of Bayou LaFourche tells about how her father played a joke on her when she wanted him to meet her boyfriend.

La grand-mère à Hunter laisse un message

Hunter Pontiff d'Arnaudville a reçu ce message de sa grand-mère.  Hunter Pontiff of Arnaudville received this message from his grandmother.