Le français louisianais et sa parenté / Louisiana French and its relatives

Do you already speak or read standard French and are looking to discover how it differs?  Or perhaps you want to know what Louisiana French has in common with the French of other countries outside of French.  Here are some links that might interest you.

Learn some Faux amis cadiens, words and phrases used in Louisiana whose meaning differs from that of standard French.  This is knowledge that could potentially keep you out of trouble!

Tu parles déjà le français?
Do you already speak French?
Compare some common Louisiana French words to their European French equivalents.

Discover the richness of the French-speaking world at the BDLP, or Base de données lexicographiques pan-francophone.  Start by clicking on the Louisiana flag.  You can do a simple word search, or you can look for words that are used in other Francophone areas of the world.

Dictionary of Louisiana Creole