Qui ça? Bravo, School Time and Athletic Silk Screening!

posted Feb 17, 2010, 2:09 PM by Amanda LaFleur   [ updated Feb 28, 2010, 10:12 AM ]
T'aimes ma chemise? Eh bin, quand Brenda Mounier m'a appelée la veille du Superbowl pour me dire qu'il y avait quelque chose de bien intéressant chez Champagne, j'ai pas manqué ma chance d'aller voir pour moi-même. J'étais assez fière de faire prendre mon portrait avec mon mari et mon nouveau t-shirt!  Mais j'étais curieuse aussi de savoir qui c'est qu'avait démarré cette affaire.  Et asteur je vas vous raconter le reste de l'histoire...

As New Orleans Saints fans were preparing for their date with destiny, jerseys and other Saints gear flew off store shelves throughout the state.  The NFL backed off of its threat to sue local entrepreneurs who created designs displaying the "Who dat?" rallying cry.  And 92 year old Rudolf Fabre put a bug in the ear of his neighbor Jody Gerard, owner of School Time and Athletic Silk Screening in Lafayette.  "Mr. Fabre thought we should be doing something to promote French among kids who were losing their heritage.  So he said, 'Jody, I think you should do a T-shirt with the slogan in French.' "  Jody, who grew up hearing French at home and who still understands it somewhat, really liked the idea.  Mr. Fabre gave her his translation: Qui ça?  They called the Modern Languages Department at ULL to verify the spelling, then printed the shirts and got them into grocery stores in Lafayette and Vermilion Parish area.  The success of the endeavor has been gratifying, to say the least.  She estimates that they have sold about 5000 shirts to date, and she is still getting orders in.  Financial returns are always nice, but Jody says that the best feedback she got was from a gentleman who told her how wonderful he thought it was that the T-shirts had his grandchildren speaking French.  "Now they're calling me and saying 'Qui ça, Pawpaw!?'  School Time and Athletic Silk Screening is located at 1007 E. St. Mary Boulevard, Lafayette, LA.  The phone number is 337-232-3472.