Les jeunes, c'est notre avenir!

posted May 25, 2010, 9:22 AM by Amanda LaFleur   [ updated May 26, 2010, 11:03 AM ]
Je sors de lire que les représentants de la Louisiane au Forum des Jeunes Ambassadeurs de la Francophonie 2010 ont été choisis. 
I was reminded at my son's recent high school graduation party of all the wonderful people who have offered him guidance, inspiration and friendship over the years, helping to get him to where he is today.  It does take a village, and frankly, it is in our self interest to invest in young people, our future.  And so I was delighted to discover that I know and have followed the progress of three of the young Louisianians selected to represent us in Canada  this summer at the Forum des Jeunes Ambassadeurs de la Francophonie.  They are Margo Sullivan, a Lafayette native and French Immersion alumna, Christophe Landry, a young francophone activist who recently made his way back to Louisiana and has his finger in any number of pies, and Cliford Johnson, who taught himself to speak Louisiana Creole and has been translating les Patates Nouvelles for CODOFIL for a number of years now.  The fourth is Jeremy Caroff, a resident of Lake Charles.  These four ambassadeurs will travel to New Brunswick in August to meet and share ideas and with other French speakers from around North America.  As wonderful as it is to promote our own version of French in Louisiana, we should not forget that being able to speak French also offers inspiration and understanding in a world sometimes lacking in both of these.  Le monde est petit, et quand on parle le même langage, c'est un village!  We are very grateful to the Centre de la Francophonie des Amériques for fostering the creation of this village nord américain francophone. Félicitations, mes jeunes amis.... et lâchez pas!  On compte dessus vous-autres!