Do you want to learn Louisiana French, also known commonly as Cajun French?  This site offers materials and links for beginners as well as those who already have some knowledge of the French language. 
Tu veux apprendre le français louisianais, ça qu'on appelle le français cadien (ou cadjin)? Tu trouveras icitte des liens et de l'information pour t'aider.

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  • Kirby Jambon reconnu par l'Académie Française Louisiana poet and immersion teacher Kirby Jambon has been named the winner of the prestigious Prix Henri de Régnier by the Académie Française for 2014.  This is the first time ...
    Posted Nov 16, 2014, 7:46 PM by Amanda LaFleur
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Apprends les éléments de base avec BYKI!

BYKI (Before you know it!) is part of the Transparent Language
System.  It's a great way to learn the basic words and phrases that need to become part of your "automatic vocabulary" as you become fluent in Louisiana French.  Using thematic sets or "lists" of virtual flash cards, you can learn, test comprehension, and practice pronouncing or writing this vocabulary.

There are several ways to work with BYKI lists.  You can access them directly on the internet, or if you prefer to work with the lists offline, you can download the BYKI Express software for free, then download the Louisiana French lists to your computer.  NOTE:  You'll have to select a language when you download the BYKI Express software.  It doesn't matter which language you choose.  As long as you have the software loaded onto your computer, the Cajun French lists that you download will work.  BYKI would, of course, like you to end up purchasing their deluxe system, and it is available at a very reasonable price.  You'll see, however, that there is still beaucoup you can do with their free, online material.

Tell us about yourself, and let us know how we're doing.

Click here to access a free online course for in Louisiana French for beginners

Allons! was created in response to a growing demand for resources for learning Louisiana French. People of Cajun and Creole background seeking to reclaim their linguistic heritage, musicians wanting to write and sing lyrics to Cajun music, students in standard French classes hoping to make a connection with Louisiana French speakers, and many others have contacted us over recent years asking how they might learn to read, write and speak Louisiana French.
This pilot site introduces the basics using text, images and sounds that portray French-speaking Louisiana in an authentic context. The course does not assume any previous knowledge of French. Although Louisiana French pronunciation, vocabulary and even language structure can vary widely from place to place, the course presents common words and phrases that will be familiar to most Louisiana French speakers. We have also tried to represent a variety of regional accents using speakers who would be easy models for learners to follow. If you live in south Louisiana, you are encouraged to use this site as a jumping-off point for examining more closely the French spoken in your particular community.
Funding for the creation of this site was provided by a grant from the Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund. Project directors are Amanda LaFleur of Louisiana State University and Tom Klingler of Tulane University. Technical production was carried out by the Innovative Learning Center of Tulane University.
Click here or on any site image above to go to the course.

Le français louisianais et sa parenté
Louisiana French and its relatives
Do you already speak or read standard French and are looking to discover how it differs?  Or perhaps you want to know what Louisiana French has in common with the French of other countries outside of French.  Here are some links that might interest you.