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posted Jun 3, 2016, 6:58 AM by Louisiana Chess

The following by-law amendments have been passed by the LCA Board for consideration at the 2016 business meeting.

Proposed Amendment #1:

Section I, Article 4 currently has a sentence that reads: “The requirements for being a resident of Louisiana for all LCA purposes shall be determined by the membership.”  The proposed amendment changes this language to: “The requirements for being a resident of Louisiana for the purposed of being eligible to be the state champion shall be determined by the membership.  This requirement does not apply for residency issues that arise outside of the regular state championship, such as for scholastic players.”

The reason for this amendment is to make the language match the original intent.  The intent of the person who drafted the original language and the amendment intended that if there was an issue during the adult state championship about residency, the membership would resolve the issue during the normally scheduled business meeting.  However, this year there was almost an issue that required a hastily called membership meeting due to a residency issue involving a scholastic state championship.  The extra meeting would have been required because of eligibility for national scholastic tournaments of state champions which occur before the adult state championship.  This amendment allows that kind of issue to be resolved without calling a special membership meeting.  

Proposed Amendment #2:

Section III, Article 4(b) currently reads: “Organize scholastic chess championships for Louisiana or award the authority to organize such championships to someone else.”  This refers to the duties of the Scholastic Coordinator.  The proposed amendment changes that language to: “Chair the Scholastic Committee, which shall organize scholastic chess championships for Louisiana with or without the assistance of outside organizers.”

The reason for this amendment is to put in the by-laws a scholastic committee.  The rules for said committee can be passed by rule at the business meeting.  The basis is that scholastic chess is arguably bigger (and really there isn’t much argument, it is bigger) than adult chess, but only one person is in charge.  This creates a committee to run scholastic chess in Louisiana, spread some of the work, and get more people involved to make scholastic chess better in Louisiana.
Louisiana Chess,
Jun 3, 2016, 6:58 AM