Lots of chess online this week!

posted Apr 11, 2020, 8:39 AM by Louisiana Chess
     On behalf of the LCA, I’m pleased to announce that we have more and better opportunities to play some fun and challenging matches during the CoronaVirus Quarantine.  Here’s a look at Team Louisiana events on lichess next week:

     Monday (4/13) 7-8:30 pm: Team Louisiana will compete in the big Monday Team Battle which will have 8 teams representing 7 different states competing in two sections - Open (https://lichess.org/tournament/VUV3r4mb) and U1700 (https://lichess.org/tournament/Y8y6E0f9). Louisiana players will not be paired against one another. Our top 5 scores in each section will be added to determine our team score. Having the 2 different sections will give all players more closely matched games every round. 

     Tuesday (4/14) 7-8 pm: Bayou Blitz (G/5) in 2 sections;

     Wednesday (4/15) 7-8 pm: Ladies Knight (G/10 i2);

     Thursday (4/16) 7-8:30 pm: Stay Home & Play Chess (G/10);

     Friday (4/17) 7-8:30 pm: Virtual Hamburger & Seafood (G/15). 

     Pro tip 1 - Registering early lets you make sure you’re paired in round 1 & lets other players see who’s in. But even if you miss the start time, you can still register and jump into an event in progress.

     Pro tip 2 - To cut your clock time in 1/2 and earn double points for wins/draws, go Berserk by clicking on the “Berserk” or  “split in 1/2” icon before your first move.

     Pro tip 3 - Your lichess rating determines which section you’re eligible for. If a player doesn’t have a lichess rating, playing several online games on lichess over the weekend will help to establish one. 

     Leila D’Aquin