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Proposals To Host Labor Day Tournament

posted May 14, 2021, 11:39 AM by Louisiana Chess   [ updated May 14, 2021, 4:57 PM ]

     As we gear up for the COVID-Delayed 2020 State Championship in Morgan City at the end of this month, we are also planning for the LCA’s traditional 7-Round tournament over Labor Day Weekend. Any interested Louisiana chess club or organizer may submit a proposal to host the September 4-6, 2021 championship event. 

The proposal should reflect the anticipated venue, entry fees, prize fund, schedule, promotion plan, chief tournament director, number of assistant directors, budget and any proposed side events. Please submit your proposal or any questions to with the subject line Proposal to Host Tournament by May 26th. 

New Louisiana Chess Bulletin Coming Soon

posted May 2, 2021, 11:46 AM by Louisiana Chess   [ updated May 14, 2021, 4:57 PM ]

     Please submit any news about current and upcoming events, pictures, scholastic news, or any news about departed chess friends to:  We will try to include all information submitted, in every bulletin.

We are also striving to keep the CLUB UPATES section current.  Please submit current information about your club to:

LA State Championship (Deferred) May 29-31, 2021

posted May 2, 2021, 11:43 AM by Louisiana Chess

See the NEWS section, as well as the TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS section, for details.

Exciting things happening in Louisiana Chess!

posted Apr 19, 2020, 6:32 AM by Louisiana Chess

   Exciting things are happening in Louisiana  chess, even with over-the-board play adjourned. This week, 2020 World Team continues, a Louisiana simul, an 8 state Team Battle, Blitz, G/10, & G/15 events!

The state’s top players are representing us well in 2020 Chess, the online world team G/10  championship that now includes almost 100 teams. The Louisiana team is 3-1, having swept Chess Carolinas in round 4 on Friday, and has split into 2 squads beginning with round 5. GM John Fedorowicz, a great friend of Louisiana chess and a future Chess Fest Special Guest, has joined the team and will play board 1 in the A squad’s round 5 match against the African Chess Lounge on Sunday, while the B squad will take on the Brazillian team Xadrex entre Amigos.

Also at 7 pm TONIGHT State Champion Miles Tisserand will play a 20 board simul against Louisiana players on Lichess. Here’s the link:

On Monday, Team Louisiana will again compete in the multi-state Team Battle! Last week, our team took first place in the U1700 section and came in a very close second in the Open. Let’s all sign up and play so that we can dominate again! Here are the links: 

On Tues-Fri evenings, Team Louisiana will have its Lichess intramural G/5 (Bayou Blitz), G/10 (Stay Home & Play Chess and Ladies Knight) and G/15 (Virtual Hamburger & Seafood Co.) events.

And, as always, Strategic Thoughts will host scholastic events on chesskid each weekday at noon. See the Strategic Thoughts Facebook page or reach out to Kendric Perkins for details. 

Lots of chess online this week!

posted Apr 11, 2020, 8:39 AM by Louisiana Chess

     On behalf of the LCA, I’m pleased to announce that we have more and better opportunities to play some fun and challenging matches during the CoronaVirus Quarantine.  Here’s a look at Team Louisiana events on lichess next week:

     Monday (4/13) 7-8:30 pm: Team Louisiana will compete in the big Monday Team Battle which will have 8 teams representing 7 different states competing in two sections - Open ( and U1700 ( Louisiana players will not be paired against one another. Our top 5 scores in each section will be added to determine our team score. Having the 2 different sections will give all players more closely matched games every round. 

     Tuesday (4/14) 7-8 pm: Bayou Blitz (G/5) in 2 sections;

     Wednesday (4/15) 7-8 pm: Ladies Knight (G/10 i2);

     Thursday (4/16) 7-8:30 pm: Stay Home & Play Chess (G/10);

     Friday (4/17) 7-8:30 pm: Virtual Hamburger & Seafood (G/15). 

     Pro tip 1 - Registering early lets you make sure you’re paired in round 1 & lets other players see who’s in. But even if you miss the start time, you can still register and jump into an event in progress.

     Pro tip 2 - To cut your clock time in 1/2 and earn double points for wins/draws, go Berserk by clicking on the “Berserk” or  “split in 1/2” icon before your first move.

     Pro tip 3 - Your lichess rating determines which section you’re eligible for. If a player doesn’t have a lichess rating, playing several online games on lichess over the weekend will help to establish one. 

     Leila D’Aquin

ChessKid and Events Taking Off!

posted Apr 4, 2020, 7:56 AM by Louisiana Chess

   After 4 successful 90 minute short time control virtual events during the week (in addition to Strategic Thoughts 5 scholastic events on ChessKid), the LCA will host a 3 hour team tournament Sunday afternoon from 1-4 pm. The G/20 i10 tournament is called Quarantine Quicksand and all Louisiana chess players are welcome to play as we take on teams from Louisville, Memphis, and Jackson. 

Anyone who is not yet in the Team Louisiana club can create a free account on and submit a request to join the team. They should send an email to me at telling me their screen name, real name, parent’s name if under 16, US Chess id (if a member) and US Chess rating. The LCA will then accept them on the team and they’ll be able to register for any of our tournaments.

Next week, we will again offer several 90 minute intraclub events, each beginning at 7 pm: a G/5 Bayou Blitz on Tuesday; Ladies Knight on Wednesday; the G/10 i5 Stay Home & Play Chess on Thursday, and the G/15 i10 Virtual Hamburger & Seafood on Friday. We will look to plan a simul for Saturday & a Team Battle against other teams for Sunday.

Our elite team, the Louisiana Masters and Candidates, is for highly rated players and welcomes both those who have recently been active over-the-board tournament players and those who have been on hiatus from tournament play. Requests to join Louisiana Masters and Candidates can be submitted through lichess with an email reflecting screen name, real name and rating to The LCM team will play some intraclub events, some team tournaments against other clubs, and, over the next 2 weeks, will compete in the World Online Team Championship!

Spread the word!

Leila D’Aquin
Chess NOLA ♟ 
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Vote: US Chess Executive Board Election

posted Apr 3, 2020, 4:52 PM by Louisiana Chess

   Register now to vote in the US Chess Executive Board election! Deadline is 5/1/20.   

US Chess - Junior and Senior Opens - Cancelled - Due to COVID-19 Concerns

posted Mar 25, 2020, 8:18 AM by Louisiana Chess   [ updated Mar 25, 2020, 9:07 AM ]

     A link to the US Chess news release is here:     

Team Louisiana Vs Nashville Chess Center and Memphis Chess Center - This Thursday - on lichess!

posted Mar 24, 2020, 10:52 AM by Louisiana Chess

Team Louisiana will take on the Nashville Chess Center and the Memphis Chess Center this Thursday on lichess! The scores of the ten highest-finishing players on each team will be added to determine the team score. We may have up to 15 players in each round. If more than 15 register to play for Team Louisiana , I’ll be asking sime players to pause in certain rounds so that everyone gets a chance to be paired and play.

To sign up, first create a lichess account if you don’t already have one. Next, join Team Louisiana by clicking through to request to join the team and sending an email to saying what your screen name & real name are, your US Chess id, and your rating. Once you’re accepted on Team Louisiana, you’ll be able to join the tournament. Search for ”Stay Home and Play Chess” and click “join”.

Then login to lichess Thursday evening at 6:45 to join some pre-match chatter and wait for your first pairing. If you haven’t played on lichess before, you may want to play a few games in the next 3 days to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Your move!

Leila D’Aquin
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