About Louise

It all began in 1977 with an evening course at Mohawk College in Hamilton, and the rear wheel of a 10 speed bicycle.

We were building a farmhouse in Bentinck County in Ontario, had no electricity, so my brother-in-law Marty put together a bicycle wheel with a series of pulleys so I could pedal and polish jewellery. It was a hot summer, and I've never been so fit and slim. I also had a new baby and a big garden.

Of course, my designs and techniques have evolved over the last 30 years but I've always been affected by sky and water and natural beauty. After working and teaching jewellery classes in Ontario for 20 years, I moved out to Hornby Island in BC and the effect of those elements on my work intensified.

In 2008, I had a Solo exhibition at Harbinger Gallery in Waterloo, Ontario. I called that body of work For Love of Water. The theme evolved from a Dharma class (Bhuddist teaching) that I was taking, where I became even more deeply aware of the interconnectedness of all things. The next day, I was picturing my favourite image of light on water as I worked; a lovely idea emerged, rather like a Haiku:

                               For love of water, light dances.
                               For love of water, earth moves.
                               For love of water, air surrenders.
                               For love of water, animals bow their heads.

All the pieces in that show reflected the beauty and emotion of water.

Living on Hornby Island for 10 years certainly deepened my love of water, and now, back in Ontario, I've chosen to live beside the Sydenham River.  In the summers, I plan to travel to Hornby to live and work there for a month or two, keeping in mind John Lennon's words: " Life is what happens while you're making other plans".

If my work can reflect some of the magical beauty of this planet we live and love on, then it's worthwhile.