People Wearing Pink

700+ Years of Images of People Wearing Pink

This time line is a general collection of images of people wearing pink clothing covering a span of approximately 700 years of art from the SCA time period.

I originally conceived this display to go with the A&S them of Best Use of Pink at War of the Wings III. I received so many compliments on the concept that I decided to put it on the web to share it with more people. Due to space constraints the scope of the original display only featured Western European art. This online version will feature images from as many countries/cultures as possible. It currently contains images from only 700 years of the 1,000 years the SCA time frame covers, 600 ad- 1600 ad.

If you have an image that you would like to be added to the collection send: the image (or a link to it), the date, the artist, and any other relevant info to lady louise @ carolina . rr . com. Just remove the spaces. I would also love to link to anybody's online research on producing pink through period dying techniques.

The shades of pink depicted in these images are typical of paint and inks of their time. These shades may or may not represent shades of pink attainable using dye stuffs in the SCA time period. What this does show us is that women and men chose to be depicted wearing pink, especially in later period art, or in the case of early art the artist chose to depict people wearing pink. It is interesting to note just how many of these images also have red, depicted in all its vibrant glory, in close proximity to the pink.


850-875  Evangeliarum van Egmond

Late 10th cent.  Benedictional of Archbishop Robert




Late Tang Dynasty (Tang Dynasty approx. 618 - 907 AD)

  Five Kingdoms Period-10th c. Gu Hongzhong (Original) Shown left Song Dynasty 12th c. copy

12th cent.  Catalan

Northern Song Dynasty-early 12th c. Emperor Huizong - This image cannot be truly appreciated for its PINKNESS without a vist to the mfa Boston. Scroll to the bottom of that page to really get the zoom tool advantage.

 1297  Bondone di Giotto

1306  Codex Manesse

1306  Bondone di Giotto

1308  Buoninsegna di Duccio

1324  Bernardo Daddi

1336  Bernardo Daddi

Mid14th cent.  Hebrew manuscript

1369  Chroniques de France ou de St Denis

Late14th cent.  Cibo monk of Hyères

1385  Aretino Spinello

1396  Spanish

1408  Belles Heures de Duc du Berry

1433  Fra Angelico

1468  Loyset Liédet

1490  Tacuinum Sanitatis

1510  Grimani Breviarium

Ming Dynasty - Tang Yin 1470-1523

1516  Jacopo Pontormo

1519  Giovanni Cariani

1523  Lorenzo Lotto

1530  Pierfrancesco di Foschi

1530’s  Jacopo Pontormo

1545  Angelo Bronzino

1561  Nicolas de Neufchatel

1565  Francois Clouet

After 1565  Artist unknown

1558  Follower of Francois Clouet

1580  Giovanni Battista Moroni

1590  Isaac Oliver

1600  Turkish