Korean Traditional Clothing

The information contained on these pages represents my on going search for information on Hanbok, Korean traditional clothing, as worn during the time period covered by the SCA.

Book Sources

The Beauty of Korean Traditional Clothing

This book is written in Korean except for the summary. This pdf contains the information I was able to decifer to be about pre-16th century clothing, the English summary, and a list of all the references from the Works Cited section that were in English. I don't know if these works cover the SCA period. Yellow boxes highlight the information I'm pretty sure is pre-16th cent.

 Profusion of Color: Korean Clothing & Wraping Cloths of the Choson Dynasty

One of the important things to remember about the Choson Dynasty is that it starts in 1395 and ends in 1910. Only about 200 years fall within the SCA time frame. Many websites and books I have encountered, so far, simply make blanket statements like "Women of the Choson dynasty did ____."  Please keep this in mind while researching the Choson Dynasty in relation to the  SCA time frame for Korean clothing.

This book is about women's, lives and "work" in Korea during the Choson dynasty. I found it to be a very interesting read. There are many quotes from sources about the everyday lives of women.

If you are looking for a book with images and/or patterns for SCA period Korean clothing. This isn't the source for you.

The information contained in the text is relevant and important for understanding Korean clothing and the lives of women in and out of the SCA time frame.

This PDF contains all the text and bibliography information, but none of the images of the clothing. The photographs are wonderful but none of the garments fall within the SCA time frame so they are not included. There are images of 2 wrapping cloths, but neither is the piece work type.


The grave of
Lee Eung-tae


Met Timeline - Korea 500-1000 AD

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Photo collection of Goguryeo tomb murals

World of Goguryeo's tomb murals