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Louise Blaydon is a writer, specialising primarily in the m/m romance genre. Her interests are esoteric and changeable, and range from linguistic archaeology to modernist poetry; long walks in the cold to lazy drunken evenings; kicking up leaves to sleeping curled up around the cat.  Louise has been writing for as long as she can remember, and penned her first half-formed m/m story at the age of eight.  Now in her twenties, she has meandered somewhat, geographically, from her point of origin, and consequently nurses a love of stories of exile, and of landscapes described like lovers. 

Louise has written journalistically in the past, but now writes mainly prose fiction. If the occasional poem threatens the calm of her existence, she refuses to be blamed for it. 

Louise's first novel, Summer Song, was the first-place winner of a Rainbow Award in 2011. 

Get in touch with Louise by email.  

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