Each year, LCHS students have the opportunity to apply for many local scholarships to assist with the expenses of attending college. As the Counseling Department is made aware of such offerings, the scholarship and accompanying applications will be advertised. We will also be posting information about non-local scholarships which we are made aware of and encourage students to look for scholarships on their own, such as through search engines like and 

LCHS Counseling strongly recommends completing the Free Application for Financial Aid, or the FAFSA form, at For students entering college in the fall of 2019, this form is available to fill out on October 1, 2018. Even if your family does not qualify for financial aid, many scholarship organizations require filing the FAFSA for the student to be eligible to apply.

Visit Ms. Tembe's (College Adviser's) College Corner Scholarship Site to find current scholarships and search engines. Most local scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year, for students entering college in Fall 2019, will be available between January and June of 2019.