Interested in joining the military after high school? Speak with a recruiter during your lunch shift for more information! The current schedule for recruiter visits (during all lunch shifts) is as follows:

Military Recruiter Visits

Airforce- Mondays

Marines- Tuesdays

Army- Wednesdays

Navy- Thursdays

National Guard- Fridays

* Dates are subject to change

Want to take the ASVAB TEST?

The ASVAB is required to be admitted in the military, but anyone can take it for career identification purposes without obligation to the armed services. After taking the ASVAB, each student will have the opportunity to take part in the Career Exploration Program to learn more about potential careers as matched with his/her skills and interests.

The ASVAB Test is currently offered at LCHS twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. 

Learn more about the ASVAB Test Here:

For ASVAB Test Prep Check Out:

Qualifying ASVAB (AFQT) Scores

Airforce: 36

Army: 31

Coast Guard: 40

Marine Corp: 32

Navy: 35