Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

 Dual Enrollment is a unique enrichment program in which high school students are given the opportunity to take college courses in their own high school. This means that while students continue to work toward high school graduation, they can also earn college credits.


Benefits of Dual Enrollment

·   Provides students with a wider range of class options and allows them to explore different fields before declaring a college major.

·   Credit earned for dual enrolled courses may be applied toward a degree or certificate once the student is enrolled in college.

·   Gives students early exposure to the academic rigors of a college level course.

·   Saves time and money.


LCHS Academic Dual Enrollment Classes

English 12 (6 college credits)

ENG 111-112


British Literature (6 college credits)

ENG 243-244


Sociology (6 college credits)

SOC 200-268


Biology I (4 college credits)

BIO 101


Biology 2 (4 college credits)

BIO 102


Life Science (4 college credits)

BIO 106


US History (6 college credits)

HIS 121/122

 Astronomy (4 college credits)

NAS 131


Pre-Calculus (3 college credits)

MTH 163-164


Statistics (3 college credits)

MTH 240


Calculus I (5 college credits)

MTH 173


Calculus II (5 college credits)

MTH 174


Physics I (4 college credits)

PHY 201



How do I enroll in a college class while in high school?



To Register for a Dual Enrollment Class

STEP 1: Meet with your School Counselor to confirm that Dual Enrollment is right for you.You will need to have to approval of your school, your parents/guardians, and the college offering the class. Your counselor will help you complete a short form to forward to Mrs. Smith, our community college career coach.

STEP 2: Mrs. Smith will check whether you have applied to the Virginia community college that is offering the class and whether you have met the testing requirements for the class and will let you know. PSAT, SAT and ACT scores may be used depending on the class. You may have to take additional Virginia Placement Tests (VPT).

STEP 3: If needed,APPLY to the community college and write down the student ID #. You will need this to take placement tests.

STEP 4: If needed, take your Virginia Placement Tests (VPT). You can take these at Louisa.

What you need to know:

·   The tests are computerized.

·   The tests are not timed, but take up to two hours each.

·   The English test has an essay component and 40 multiple choice questions.

· The Math test has several sections. You may use only the on-line calculator provided by the test.

· You will need to bring your Virginia student ID number to the test.

To find out more, come to the School Counseling Office and ask for Mrs. Smith.