Season Details!

Go Gators!
Details for the 2018 season are available. If you are new to the team, check out the 2016 schedule below to get an idea of the activities that happen during a swim season.

Group Breakdown:
  • Blue: All swimmers who are unable to swim the length of the pool, 8 & under swimmers unless otherwise instructed, and ALL NEW team members until evaluated. Blue practice will only be held at the beginning of the season, after that, the Blues will attend Blellow practice.
  • Blellow: Swimmers who can swim one length and are working on at least two strokes, usually freestyle and backstroke.
  • Yellow:  Swimmers who are working on three strokes (free, back, and either butterfly or breaststroke).
  • Red: Swimmers who are working on all four strokes (free, back, fly & breast).
  • Green: All swimmers age 15 and up or those invited by coaching staff. 
Louisa Gators Swim Team,
Mar 27, 2018, 7:11 PM