About Louie Strike

Louie Strike (Louis N. Strike) is President of Louie Strike & Company LLC, a firm providing advisory services to CEOs and Boards of Directors.  A member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), he has a combined experience as an outside director of over fifty years for nine unrelated firms; and over twenty years experience as a CEO. He is a CPA (Inactive).  He has public and private sector experience and has been involved with the administration of pension and profit sharing plans for over thirty five years. The following information is current at April 2013.

Education: MBA: The University of Chicago, Concentrations-Finance and Accounting.
                    BA: The University of Utah, Degrees-Mathematics and Philosophy,
                                and attended the David Eccles School of Business.

Professional Certification: Certified Public Accountant (Inactive),

Author: Books available at amazon.com
  • Electricity vs. Gasoline 
  • The Power of Business Ethics 
  • Ethics and the Environment

Organizations: The Cincinnati President’s Association

                          National Association of Corporate Directors

Private Sector Experience: 

Banking: Second Vice President, Continental Bank of Chicago, now Bank of       

               America, managed a $400 million business loan portfolio. (1971-1976)

CEO Experience: Modernfold, Inc., the leading producer of operable walls. (1999-2003)

                             Ballenger, Strike & Associates, interim crisis management. (1996-1998)

                             Cinpac, Inc., a contractor for MREs to the U.S Army. (1992-1995)

                             Lodge & Shipley, Inc., manufacturer of machine tools. (1990-1992)

                             The Hess & Eisenhardt Company, manufacturer of armored cars for the        

                             U.S. Secret Service, as well as for heads of state; funeral coaches for Cadillac,

                             convertibles for Jaguar of North America. (CFO 1976-1982; CEO 1983-1989)


Public Policy & Service: UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research, Senior Fellow (2001).

Article Published: “California Needs TVA-Type Power Plan”, Los Angeles Business Journal,

                               June 18, 2001, dealing with the 2001 California energy crisis.

Louie Strike University of Cincinnati Commencement Speech

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