Water District Vice President

Mayor Louie A. Lujan, City of La Puente

Louie was elected to the La Puente Valley County Water District in 1999 at the age of 23.  He was the youngest elected Board Member in the history of the district.  He was promptly nominated and selected as the District's Vice President by his peers in 2000.  Louie served As Vice President of the district until 2001 when he was elected to the La Puente City Council.  

Louie's work as a champion for clean water was recognized and admired around the region. He and his colleagues built the district's first ever state of the art water treatment facility that utilizes aeration, ion exchange, and advanced oxidation UV treatment which provides 3.6 million gallons of clean and safe water to people across the region.  Louie encouraged residents to adopt Eco-Friendly landscaping practices by proposing to offer rebates on efficient irrigation equipment and supplies.  He pushed for Eco-Friendly gardening practices that mimic natural systems, which recycle everything – water, debris, and nutrients – endlessly.  He and his colleagues started a program whereby residents would get money back on clothes washers, toilets, smart controllers, sprinkler nozzles and synthetic turf that aided in water conservation.

On the Water Board, Louie led efforts to provide high quality water for residential, commercial, industrial and fire protection uses that met or exceeded all local, state and federal standards.  He led conservation efforts and recommended that the district step up promotion efforts and continue to communicate regularly with water retailers and cities that are not in the business of selling water.  Louie worked with his colleagues to call for the requirement of environmental training for workers, especially the Operations and Maintenance personnel who often work in areas of high environmental sensitivity.  He fought for the County Water Authority to create and participate in an environmental training program for all the Authority's member water agencies. 

Louie helped launch the districts first ever community newsletter that kept residents informed on issues of water conservation, water quality, and water conservation tips.  Thanks in part to his efforts, the number of families who conserved water and educated themselves on issues relating to water has increased dramatically.

Louie's commitment to water quality, conservation, and availability has never wavered. He remains committed to working in close collaboration with local water agencies to promote improvement of water infrastructure delivery systems.  His work with local leaders has led to improved water quality and increased water conservation practices.