Strengthening our Economy

Mayor Louie A. Lujan, City of La Puente

Louie believes that the most effective way to increase opportunity for our families is a high quality, good paying job.  He knows that the key to expanding opportunity is to provide our youth with a strong foundation of education. Louie supported the establishment of the La Puente Education Commission whose task it is to reward over $20,000 in scholarships to local youth who plan on attending college.

One of Louie's top priorities continues to be supporting the local small businesses and entrepreneurs that are the engine that drives economic growth. He firmly believes that our region has the infrastructure, the labor force and the economic and intellectual capital to remain competitive in the 21st century. he is proud to promote a number of programs and to sponsor numerous initiatives that support these businesses and efforts to ensure job creation and economic growth throughout the region.

Louie understands that the way to brighten our economic future is to bring all of our talents together to tackle the problems we face as one region. He is delighted that so many across this region agree with that message, and is encouraged that we are finally beginning to see the fruits of our efforts. One of the ways we are bringing people together is through the redevelopment efforts made by the City Council, which he has supported from its inception and which he is proudly serving as chair of its it's Commission.  Through redevelopment efforts, Louie and his colleagues have eliminated blight, as well as developed, reconstructed and rehabilitated residential, commercial, industrial and retail districts.  Louie's priorities through redevelopment include:

  • More job opportunities (retail, service, office, and/or manufacturing jobs);
  • Construction jobs created by the development of new buildings;
  • New cultural, shopping, and recreation opportunities within the community;
  • Modern dollars flowing into the city or county budget as a result of redevelopment activities;
  • Reversal of the financial drain of the blighted area into a positive financial asset to the community.
  • Improvement of the area without increasing an individual's property taxes;
  • Stopping the spread of deterioration and blight;
  • Improving the safety and environment of adjacent areas;
  • Restoration of community pride; and
  • Tax dollars are no longer diverted to meet the demands of a decaying area.

Louie believes that another way can improve our strategy for economic success is to ensure that our businesses, schools, libraries and homes have the technology infrastructure to compete and participate in the regional and global marketplace.  As a Commissioner on the National League of Cities Information Technology Commission, he has worked hard to ensure that broadband connections are expanded throughout the region.  Broadband access is key infrastructure powering our “Information Age” economy, like canals and railroads in the 19th century or the interstate highways and rural electrification in the 20 th century. He feels that We should be working to complete broadband access throughout the region and beyond and he will continue to support policies which do just that. 

Investing in our future has been Louie's priority.  He and his colleagues implemented the largest capital improvement program in the history of the city.  Through this program, the city is upgrading their aging sewer infrastructure which has not been repaired since the early 1920's.  Louie understands that with a solid infrastructure, the economy will prosper as new businesses move into the region and establish themselves.