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January 2020 Newsletter

President’s Notes

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Great Leaders
Relationships matter! As I continue into my final year as your president, I am constantly amazed by the hard work and dedication of our members. We have many members who volunteer to work on our committees in an effort to advocate and improve our profession and work climate. Check out our committee list. I am working to connect community leaders to our schools (see Community Connections below).

Developing leadership has been a continual goal for the LEA Board of Directors. In December, Melissa Muszynski-Evergreen Mill ES and Katherine Hutson-Loudoun County HS attended the VEA training on Actively Supporting Students Experiencing Toxic Stress. An overview of this training about childhood trauma was presented to the LEA Board by Melissa. Katherine will be presenting an overview at the next LEA Rep meeting. NEA has selected a team of LEA members to learn about creating a mentor program for ESP members. Helen Decker-Forest Grove ES, Sandy Sullivan-Legacy ES, Karen Tyrrell-Belmont Ridge MS, and Shirlita West-Farmwell Station MS will spend a weekend at NEA Headquarters learning how this can be done in LCPS. Dana Foddrell and Tracie Lane will be attending NEA's Minority Leadership & Women's Leadership Training in Orlando later this month.

Advocating for You!
LEA Vice President Sandy Sullivan and I attended the Loudoun County General Assembly Delegation Hearing, to ensure our representatives in Richmond understand the need to support increases proposed in the Governor's Budget Amendments. We are advocating for a Living Wage for our Classified employees and increasing salaries for ALL employees to be competitive within the region. Members of the LEA Government Relations Committee have met with Delegates David ReidWendy Gooditis, Suhas Subramanyan,  and Senator John Bell and Senator Jennifer Boysko to discuss VEA's Legislative agenda. GR teams are meeting with School Board members. Next, they are planning to meet with Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

Budget Season
Please keep up with the LCPS Budget as Dr. Williams presents the proposed budget to the School Board this month (see dates below). In November, LEA Members met with Dr. Williams and administrators to advocate for many items which we expect to see in the budget.


David Palanzi, President
Loudoun Education Association

BOS Installation
David Palanzi, Sandy Sullivan 
George Cassutto

School Board Update

From LoudounEA Facebook Live Post, December 12, 2019

At the School Board Meeting. Topics include: setting the Board’s Strategic Action Regarding Competitive Compensation for All Employees, Health care update and a list of recommendations from the Ad Hoc Committee on Equity are some of the highlighted discussions tonight.

For more details see the Board Docs http://www.boarddocs.com/vsba/loudoun/board.nsf

Members of the LEA Compensation and Climate Committee will present their proposal to the School Board. Highlights of the plan include a request for a 5% cost of living adjustment for ALL employees, reclassification of positions, TIME TO TEACH. A copy of the proposal will be sent to all Association Reps.

Public Comment: 
There are approximately 15 speakers tonight for public comments. The main topic discussed was the LEA presentation about the compensation and climate. Another topic was the diverse classroom libraries. 

Superintendent’s Time:
Dr. Williams announced the outgoing school board and announced on Monday, January 6 they will have cake and coffee after the new school board organizing meeting.

Action Item:
12.01 Proposed Strategic Action Regarding Competitive Salaries for All Employees. Reviewing the strategic action statements and setting the performance measurements. Passed (9-0)
See the rest of Dave's notes for the SB Meeting
LCPS Budget Information

Community Member
Advisory Council Meeting

We invite you to come share ideas on improving health and eliminating the social determinants of health that exist within your community.

Come Learn About:
  • Optima Health Upcoming Sponsored Events
  • Collaborating with other Organizations
  • Optima Health Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Meet our new Northern VA Community Outreach Specialist
When: Thursday, January 23 from 5:30-6:30 pm
Where: Loudoun Education Association, 19465 Deerfield Ave, Suite 206, Lansdowne
 RSVP to reserve your spot by Tuesday, January 21 to Mina Klier at mnklier@sentara.com
Light refreshments will be served
From Jim Livingston VEA President:

Breaking Down the Governor’s K-12 Budget + The Road Ahead

The Governor issued his K-12 budget just before the holidays, and VEA’s research staff now has a full analysis, including proposed school aid for each locality. I want to clearly communicate several things about the K-12 budget so we’re all on the same page and sharing the same message.
  • The Governor’s budget increases school aid, but it falls well short of what our schools need, and what our students and educators deserve. See the VEA’s budget analysis, including locality funding breakdowns, attached to this message. Those are the cold, hard facts.
  • VEA lobbied very hard to have the Governor’s budget more adequately fund public schools. We requested more than $1 billion in new investments in each year of the biennium, including salary increases of 5% in each year of the budget. We strongly urged the Governor to include money to support the full recommendations on the SOQ’s issued by the Virginia Board of Education. It did not happen, and that’s extremely disappointing. The Governor DID include additional funding for the At-Risk Add-On and for additional counseling and English Language Learner Resources.
  • It’s critical that all of us continue to look forward. The Governor’s budget is a proposal on a piece of paper, and its life is over. We should not waste any more energy on it. Soon, the House and Senate will be developing their versions of the budget. We can’t change the proposal the Governor issued on December 17, but we can work like hell to make sure that the House and Senate budgets include our demands for 5-percent pay raises and significantly more funding for K-12.
  • Salary solutions need to address local capacity. We NEED the state to step up its investment in direct salary support for SOQ positions, which requires localities to pay a share of the increase. But lawmakers also need to do much more to free up local dollars for salaries. That’s why VEA is continuing to demand the lifting of the school support staff cap and full funding of the SOQs, as the Board of Education has proposed.
  • We need to be LOUD in Richmond on VEA Lobby Day, Monday, January 27. We need YOU there, and we need you organizing your members to participate. After lobbying in the morning, wear your #Red4Ed and attend our Fund Our Future Rally on the Capitol grounds in front of the Bell Tower, beginning at noon. Use this link to RSVP for the Rally, and please share that link with others so we know who’s coming. Last year, we had several thousand participate. Let’s exceed that this year!

VEA's Fund Our Future Rally

Monday, January 27
#FundOurFuture Virginia State Capitol 1000 Bank St Richmond, VA 23219
We now have a pro-public education majority in the General Assembly. Come to Richmond for VEA's Fund Our Future Rally, January 27, 2020, to demand that legislators fund our schools.

Your students, your colleagues, and your supporters are counting on you!

Be sure to wear your #Red4Ed
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Registration Open for VEA's Teachers of Color Conference!

VEA continues to lead the debate about the need for more minority educators in our public schools, and you can be a part of creating solutions at our fourth Teachers of Color Conference in Richmond in February. The event’s focus will be on school climate and working conditions, the cultivation of community, and compensation.

The 2020 event, “Transforming Policy and Practice to Drive Inclusion for Teachers of Color,” is in partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Education and will be Friday, February 21st and Saturday, February 22nd (there is a welcome reception and networking opportunity the evening of the 21st and a full day of conference sessions on the 22nd). It promises to be an important event in our ongoing efforts to build a more diverse teaching force in the Commonwealth.


January - Important Dates

13 - Government Relations Committee
15 - Association Rep Meeting
23 - Revolutionary Educators' Book Club
27 - Lobby Day in Richmond
31 - LEA Member Social

**Next Association Rep Meeting February 19

More Dates

Resources for Read Across America

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What happens if I am called into a meeting with my administrator?
If the meeting becomes confrontational, ask to reschedule the meeting when you can have an LEA representative present.  The response to that request is up to the administrator. Sometimes the administration will let you bring someone in from your school, but many times they prefer an LEA UniServ Director to attend. If law enforcement or child protective services are present and you are the subject of an investigation, do not meet with them and immediately call LEA! Let them know you will be in touch with them once you have spoken to us.  

What is the difference between a grievance and a complaint?
A grievance is covered by the Code of Virginia and LCPS Policy 7018.   The grievance procedure has specific guidelines, timelines and steps to follow. If the steps are not followed, the grievance will be void. If you believe you may have a grievance, please contact the LEA as soon as the incident occurs. Timelines start ticking the next day; time is of the essence!
If the nature of the incident is not covered by the grievance procedure or LCPS Policy 7014 Harassment and Discrimination, a complaint could be filed. LCPS Policy 7016 explains the process.

Again, please call the LEA office if you believe you may have a grievance or complaint so we can assist you through the process.

Member Issues

When you talk to us, your information is confidential and we do not share your personal situation without your permission.
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Global Leadership Opportunity:
Study in South Africa

Apply now for your chance to participate in the Global Learning Fellowship (GLF) program offered by the NEA Foundation.

GLF is a 12-month professional development opportunity designed to increase K-12 educators’ knowledge and skill in integrating global competency into classroom instruction, ultimately helping students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Global Learning Fellows will participate in online coursework, webinars, and peer learning communities, including a two-day professional development workshop in Washington, D.C., and, for the 2021 cohort, international study in South Africa.

It’s a great opportunity! Learn more here and apply by Feb. 1, 2020.

Association Meeting Schedule

    15—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
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    22—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    13—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Annual Celebration for Reps and Retiring Members

Meetings are open to all members!

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  • a student or parent threatens you.
  • you are being disciplined, reprimanded or dismissed.
  • you are placed on an improvement plan or have other evaluation concerns.
  • you have questions about LCPS policies or regulations.
  • you think you have a grievance. Grievances must be filed within specific timelines. Waiting may void your ability to file!
Remember: If you have a concern, be sure to contact LEA. We are here to work together for the school system we all deserve.

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