October 2017 Newsletter

President’s Notes

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Our strength is in our members: we join together to amplify our voice and support each other.

I am grateful to all of the members who volunteer their time and skills to improve our Association. This month, members of the Compensation and Climate Committee are working hard to improve working conditions throughout LCPS and to craft a unified message for LCPS Admin and the School Board. The work of this committee will set the foundation for LEA’s plan during the FY 19 Budget adoption process.

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Please take some time to review some of the benefits of your Association Membership.  For example: Did you know all members have complimentary life insurance? Discounted travel? An Access to Savings App?

Working to Educate Members
•    Have you signed up for the LEA Evaluation Workshop on Tuesday, October 3rd? Link
•    Transportation Workshop learn about benefits Monday, October 23rd More Info Link
•    VEA – Instructional & Professional Development Conference, November 17-18

I hope you are all having a great year.


David Palanzi, President
Loudoun Education Association

Some of our worksite Reps at September's training.

School Board Update

From LoudounEA Facebook Live Post September 12 & 26, 2017

At the School Board Meeting, information about Employee Complaint is one of the items being discussed. (9/12/17)
Action items include:
Naming School Facilities, Committee to Suggest Names for School Buildings, Naming Rights for School Facilities and Programs, Student Transportation, Loudoun County Public Schools - National Conference Center Land Exchange, Fall 2017 School Board Meeting Calendar for Elementary School Attendance Zones, Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Improvement Program Budget, and Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Asset Preservation Program Budget.

A motion was made to add a right to appeal bus stop and routes for parents to the Student Transportation Policy 6210. The Policy was changed in the spring with a unanimous Board decision.  A motion to refer tonight’s Policy change proposal back to the Committee was made and discussed. It was referred by a vote of 6 to 3.
Information items include:
Employment Complaints, Procedure for Adjusting Grievances, Classified Employee Dismissal and Demotion Grievances Procedures, Evaluation Related to Step Increase and One Time Payments Related to Tenure, Student Records, Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records, Transportation Alternatives Program, and 2017-2018 Enrollment Report.
See the rest of Dave's notes for the SB Meeting

Watch Dog

Did you know? 

LEA reviews every LCPS proposed change to policies

LEA is present at ALL School Board Meetings

LEA attends many of the numerous School Board Sub Committee Meetings. 
  • President Dave Palanzi has attended every monthly Curriculum and Instruction Committee meeting as well as the Student Support and Services Committee since he took office in August 2016. 
  • UniServ Directors Christy Sullivan and Jake Lemann monitor and attend the Charter School Committee, Finance and Facilities, Legislative and Policy Committee, Human Resources and Talent Development Committee, and Joint Committee with the Board of Supervisors.
Dave, Christy, and Jake meet regularly with HRTD and Instruction to discuss issues brought forward by you.

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Fun & Community Outreach

There are two opportunities to help inform the community about what we do while having a bit of fun!

Cascades Fall Festival, help staff our booth on Saturday, October 21st.

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Leesburg Halloween Parade, come join the Cat in the Hat and march in one of the country's oldest parades. We have 6,000 pieces of candy to share.

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All Member Social
  • Thursday, October 19 @ 3:30-5:30 p.m.

  • All-American Steakhouse, Ashburn
  • For LEA members only!

Membership Committee

  • Co-Chair:  Alison MacArthur, Special Education, Brambleton MS
  • Co-Chair:  Alexa Severo, Grade 2, Sugarland ES
  • Christine Casuccio, Special Education, Harper Park MS
  • Heidi Lutz, Grade 4, Pinebrook ES
  • Shirlita West, Teaching Assistant, Farmwell Station MS
  • Dave Palanzi, President, LEA
  • Jake Lemann, UniServ Director
Meeting Dates: 10/4, 11/1, 12/2, 1/3, 2/7, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2
Membership Committee Information
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All eligible members can take advantage of the valuable, automatic, term life insurance coverage provided by NEA Complimentary Life Insurance.
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October- Important Dates

  3 - Evaluation Workshop
  4 - LEA Membership Committee
10 - School Board Meeting 
11 - LEA Board Meeting  
16 - VEA Pre-Leg Workshop
17 - Communications Committee
18 - LEA Association Rep Meeting
23 - Transportation Workshop
24 - School Board Meeting 
26 - LEA Retired

More Dates


Credit for Professional Development
Q: My school's in-house PD is not on MLP.
A: Bring this to the attention of your Principal. PD does not have to be in MLP for you to receive credit. Just be sure to document approved activities on your license renewal form.

Where do my dues go?
Q: Where do my LEA dues go?
A: Per pay for a full-time teacher: NEA - $7.27, VEA - $10.88, LEA - $6.84* As an NEA Member, you are a vital part of the more than 3 million members of the nation's largest labor union. VEA is the watchdog of the Virginia Assembly and the Virginia Department of Education. *Amount for a full-time Certified employee.

Pay for TA's
Q: I'm a Teaching Assistant. Should I be paid for supervising students after school?
A: TA's are hourly employees and they must be compensated or receive comp time. If you are an LEA Member, please them call 703-858-7700 to get some advice/help. 

Bus Drivers & Attendants 
Q: I've heard that contracts for 8 hour Drivers and Attendants will change in November.
A: We contacted LCPS HRTD and we were told this is not happening. There should be no changes to contracted hours unless you voluntarily decline hours.

Member Issues

When you talk to us, your information is confidential and we do not share your personal situation without your permission.
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Association Meeting Schedule

    18—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    15—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    7—Thursday, Holiday Open House, LEA Office, Lansdowne
    17—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    21—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    25—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    16—Wednesday, Rep Meeting @ the Douglass School
    TBA—Annual Celebration for Reps and Retiring Members

Meetings are open to all members!

Rep Training Winners

  • Amazon - Jacquelyn Olsen, Rolling Ridge ES
  • Subway - Heidi Lutz, Pinebrook ES
  • Staples - Heather Salberg, F. H. Reid ES
  • Amazon - Dana Foddrell, Balls Bluff ES
  • Amazon - Shirlita West, Farmwell Station MS
  • Shell Gas Card - Katie Brennan, MCC
  • VEA Shirt - Tim Brown, Woodgrove HS
  • Gift Basket - Erica Allder, F. Douglass ES

Tuesday, September 19


Nearly 70 ARs met to learn more about the Association, refine their skills and to plan the year.

    We are here to support you!

    Call LEA immediately at 703-858-7700 when:
    • you are contacted by Child Protective Services, law enforcement, or are placed on administrative leave.
    • a student or parent threatens you.
    • you are being disciplined, reprimanded or dismissed.
    • you are placed on an improvement plan or have other evaluation concerns.
    • you have questions about LCPS policies or regulations.
    • you think you have a grievance. Grievances must be filed within specific timelines. Waiting may void your ability to file!
    Remember: If you have a concern, be sure to contact LEA. We are here to work together for the school system we all deserve.

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