Belmont Ridge Road - CTP details

Belmont Ridge Road (BRR - route 659) has been planned for expansion to 6 lanes since 1995.  In fact, the Broadlands Declaration comments that Belmont Ridge Road may become a significant highway then called the "Western Bypass." 
Western Bypass, Tri-County Corridor, Western Transportation Corridor, it has a lot of different names with a long history stretching back to the 1950s when the idea was first proposed.  The proposal is simply this, to provide a N/W corridor which in turn will then create the next connector to Montgomery City over the Potomac and ties with major roads in Prince William County.
The most logical location is Rt.28 over the river, but this has been blocked every time by the supervisor whose district this falls in, as well as those who think that it is not far enough West i.e. why Belmont Ridge and Loudoun County Parkway are serious contenders.  The most recent VDOT RFIs from 2005 request for research into the locations for this road in Loudoun county but do not provide a time frame.

The near term proposal (2010-2014 as per CTP draft) is for a 150 ft wide 4 lane road with central grass median.  It is classified as a major collector with a speed limit of 50 mph.  FYI - All other four lanes are 120 ft wide with speed limit of 45 mph i.e. Claiborne Parkway and Ashburn Village.  These are also considered major collectors.
The south section of BRR from the Toll Road to Brambleton is cheaper to build than the north section from Rt 7 to the Toll Road by a 4 to 1 ratio due to terrain and erosion.  Hence when the hospital was an option @ the corner of Broadlands Blvd & BRR, there was a proffer (money back to the county) in place to build out the southern portion.  Once another developer comes into this site, it is anticipated/hoped that a similar proffer will be made.  The northern portion has been allocated as a high priority to build out in the CPT document and cited on Lori Water's webpage as "in development". 
There is a proffer in place to provide a park and ride on the corner of Sycolin Road and BRR. 

The southern portion with connection will most likely develop faster than the northern section.  BRR will connect with Gum Spring and Northstar Blvd (referred to as Belmont Ridge relocated).  For Gum Spring road, there are some proffers in place in connection with approved Arcola Center development near Rt 50.  Regarding  Northstar Blvd, funding is anticipated with the development of the area but is not identified.


This information is not in the CPT as it is a new development. This is to be located on Waxpool Rd on the south side sandwiched between the Toll Road and Demott Drive.  Remember Truro Parish turns into Waxpool once your cross Claiborne.  From there it is a pretty direct route to Shelhorne and the Metroline.  Truro Parish could become a pass through from University and Metroline traffic.